On the Dilemmas and Ethics of Writing

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BY: Peer Faizan Bashir

Everybody wants to be a writer these days and it’s like ‘chasing one’s tail’. But how good it would be seeing writers everywhere! But amongst the writers or aspiring writers, a substantial number of people write out of egocentricity, while some write only for fame so as to show ‘greatness of them’ to the non-writers.

Such ambitions are unfortunately not what can be termed as a prerequisite for such a noble profession like ‘writing’ and it seems that more and more aspiring writers have tendencies that grow like a cavity spoiling the entire beauty of the process!

A couple of weeks back, while I was scrolling my Facebook page, I saw a message flashing on the screen, it was from an aspiring writer who wanted some useful suggestions from me. It was a tough thing that he has asked for given my personal rawness and yet I gathered courage to pass on to him what I had learned.

After the communication was nearing its end, I wanted to hear from the other side hoping that whatever I had shared was well received. But unfortunately that wasn’t the case and the conversation ended without anyone among us learning anything at all.

I kept on thinking that the real writers are people who bring forth issues of the common masses and try to build public opinion through their writings. They plead, agitate and fight with the might of their pen and wake the people up from the slumber of ignorance.

A writer, thus, is a fighter and the biggest qualification that is required is selflessness recognition of issues and critical understanding of things. Language ofcourse play a vital part when it comes to communicating the ideas to the masses.

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