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Sikh community added vibrancy and vitality to Singapore's multiracial society

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Singapore, Apr 15 : The Sikh community in Singapore has added great vibrancy and vitality to the fabric of the country's multiracial society, a Singaporean minister has said, lauding the community for contributing to nation-building efforts and distinguishing itself in many different fields from education to law.

Communications and Information Minister S Iswaran, while launching a year-long celebration commemorating the Sikh faith founder Guru Nanak's 550th birth annivesary on Sunday, said the small Sikh community is able to thrive in multiracial Singapore is a testament to the country's commitment to having an inclusive society.

The Sikh community has added great vibrancy and vitality to the fabric of Singapore society, the Indian-origin minister said.

"The community has left a mark on Singapore, not just in terms of the economic aspects but also in our social development," Iswaran said.  As part of the celebration, the community initiated a Sewa Pledge, aiming to collectively clock 550,000 hours of volunteer service this year as a reverence to the 550 birth year of Guru Nanak.

The pledge was started in November last year with the intention of rallying the 12,000-strong Sikh community in Singapore to give back to society.

The year-long celebrations will also include a heritage day in June to raise awareness about Sikhism, and a harmony walk in August which will include representatives from other faiths, The Straits Times reported on Monday.

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