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KSSIA demands reversion of authority of SICOP

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Srinagar: Kashmir Small Scale Industrial Associations (KSSIA) has demanded immediate reversion of powers and authority of SICOP to Directorate of Industries in respect of development, management and maintenance of industrial estates in the manner these existed before 2016.

In a meeting of KSSIA held under the chairmanship of President Syed Fazal Illahi, the members observed  that affording the unbridled and unfettered powers to SICOP  under the new mechanism had miserably failed which has resulted in collosal miseries and inconvenience to the entrepreneurs in these estates. “While under the older system SICOP used to work under subordination and accountability of the directorates of Industries in developmental programmes, they have virtually been made

owners of the industrial estates under the new system of working with free will “, observed the members.

The members said that ever since the corporation assumed control of the estate,  the entrepreneurs  are subjected to hefty and irrational charges  on account of little changes in their constitution,  lines of activities, approval for construction in addition to rentals and premiums. “One wonders if the corporation has assumed the authority as extortionists leaving aside the role of facilitators which the government is supposed to play”, observed the members.

The members expressed their anguish over the condition of roads in the estate that has not only made the very access to the units difficult  but also has polluted the environment  because of these dusty roads. The members observed that the deep drain under construction in the B side of the estate was destined to fail as no engineering norms have been followed in its construction. The drain constructed on A side some four years back is still without any connection to the main drainage system of the city and as such a pure wastage.

Speaking at the meeting,  the President Syed Fazal Illahi endorsed the views of his members and regretted that the change in industrial policy had only brought miseries to the entrepreneurs. He informed the meeting that a well thought out developmental programme for industrial estate BAMK was discussed by the association with Directorate of Industries and other sanctioning authorities a few years back. The works approved in principle included construction of drinking water facilities, drainage system, footpaths,  macadam of roads,  weighing bridge, multistory common facility building, dedicated receiving station etc. Some of the works had been got executed by the directorate through SICOP but under their check and balance. However, after handing over of estates to SICOP,  the corporation has assumed Supreme powers without accountability.

“Although the same very works programme was forwarded to SICOP and even discussed with Managing Director a several times,  the progress on it is abysmal and dissatisfactory. Despite repeated assurances, SICOP has even failed in providing some basic facilities like drinking water in the estate,” he said.

KSSIA has humbly urged the Governor,  his concerned Advisor and other authorities of Industries department to take a review of the changed industrial policy that makes aiding commercial corporations godfathers of industrial promotion and destiny instead of the government departments created for the purpose.

KSSIA demands reverting back to the older system of development, management and maintenance of industrial estates with all powers vested with the directorate of industries.

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