‘Water, Polity and Kashmir’

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By: Sofi Sana Ullah

‘Water, Polity and Kashmir’ authored  by Rao Farman Ali has described, in detail, the future  risks of availability of water especially with reference to Indus Water Treaty (IWT) signed between India and Pakistan in 1960. The author argues that the treaty has added to the  economic  woes of upstream Jammu and Kashmir by depriving them the right to full usage  of water from Jhelum, Chenab, Indus  and partially Ravi rivers  for  hydroelectric generation, irrigation, navigation and other purposes.

Ali has also expressed a need to review Indus Water Treaty holistically through Kashmir Centric Maximums for necessary changes and adjustments while providing a participatory role to people of Jammu and Kashmir on either side LoC. This, he elaborates,  is sustainable and can take care of substantial changes  on ground in Jammu and Kashmir as per Article XII of  IWT under clause 2&3.

The author has meticulously worked to provide the readers with deep insight on the water scenario at global level as well as with reference to the state of Jammu and Kashmir in particular. Details of water pollution, problems and danger to human lives in various countries due to issues related to water are thoroughly discussed.

In the wake of increasing population and rising human interference with environment leading to human and societal collision, there is need for interference of actionable social perception and reality with a ground factor approach. It has been suggested that UN should facilitate linking water, agriculture and energy policies both nationally and globally to reduce jurisdictional fragmentation that affects better water management practices.

Conversion of agricultural land for non-agricultural purposes in the State of Jammu and Kashmir has been reflected in a systematic way. Change in land use by conversion has been discussed and the deficiency of agricultural production of the State has been detailed out eloquently in order to argue that the state will face a number of consequences in future.

The proposals, clauses of IWT have been included to appropriate the various events and the correspondence exchanged between these countries on the subject has also been included.

The author has provided credible database inclusive of minor and finer details of various dynamics of water woes globally.

The book is a good read for nearly all including people engaged with hydroelectricity production, politicians, policymakers, think-tank group and intellectuals interested in the ongoing developments around them.

Rao Farman Ali has a long drawn experience of about  two decades in  Social Entrepreneurship. Apart from presenting more than two dozen papers in local and international seminars on various themes, he has authored  seven  books on Kashmir Conflict. Some of his studies on Education, Child Labour, Child Protection and Conflict Resolutions are widely available. He is trained in Journalism and Applied Psychology.

(The writer is former Director Agriculture Kashmir Division)

Title of the book: Water, Polity and Kashmir

Publisher:  Gulshan Books Srinagar

Year of Publishing: 2018

ISBN No: 9788183395762

Author: Rao Farman Ali

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