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Muslim man becomes 'eyes' for blind Pandith friend in Pulwama

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Paray Lal (L), wearing a skull cup, with his friend Bashir      Ahmad Dar

Pulwama, Apr 06: At a time when the people of other states are finding it hard to strike a chord with the people of Kashmir through the fog of various wrong notions being spread by the national media, a Kashmiri Pandith and his Muslim friend in Pulwama have proved that they are representing a unique form of communal brotherhood with which everyone stands a better chance of forging a connection.

Bashir Ahmad Dar of south Kashmir's Wahibugh village chose to support his Pandith friend, Paray Lal who hails from the same village, walk after he lost his eyesight. “When Lal and Dar walk through the streets of Wahibugh hand in hand, the scene exhibits the truest picture of communal harmony," said the villagers.

Paray Lal, who heads the Pandith committee at Wahibugh village said: “I lost my eyesight after suffering a stroke three years ago and underwent an uneventful surgery. Since the time I lost my eyesight, my friend Bashir Ahmad Dar has been my guide cum crutch.”

"I frequently count on my friend Dar to take me for a walk through the village for a walk and commune, despite having my obedient son to look after me,” Lal added.

Lal, who retired as a Branch manager in Indian Postal Department, said that all other residents of the village treat him with full respect; nevertheless he has formed a strong bond with Dar.

Dar told Kashmir Images that his friend Lal, during his service in the Postal Department, would always volunteer to help the Muslim families with immediate financial problems. "From last three years, my friend is bedridden and when his eyes were fine, people would seek his help for solving land disputes and other issues prevalent among his Muslim neighbors," said Dar.

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