Decision of Higher Education Department on Academic Arrangement 2019-2020:  An Unjustified Move

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BY: Sajad Mir

The higher education authorities governing the engagement of the candidates on academic arrangement basis (annually) have recently issued a notification, (vide: HE-Coll/Coord-Adv-Acde.Arrg/2016-2017, dated 30-03-2019) regarding the extension of contractual candidates till 31st July 2019. Though, apparently the decision seems to be plain and logical, justified on the pretext of the Model Code of Conduct that is in effect in the valley vis-à-vis the upcoming parliamentary elections, yet it carries with it some grave defects and unjustified claims.

Primarily it displays an acute policy failure and lack of foresightedness of the higher education department as the department could have [as usual] completed the process of inviting and engaging the candidates for the current academic session much before the implementation of the Code of Conduct (10-03-2019). Secondly, the decision brings injustice to a considerable number of candidates who on the basis of merit could have at least secured their place in the academic arrangement for the session (2019-20).

Barring these deserving candidates from a chance to serve the higher education even on temporary basis adds to their psychological trauma and financial grievances amid the distressful political instability of the state.

Thirdly, the decision has led to the suffering of college students as with the new session the increase of student obviously requires an enhancement in the faculty strength that was to be managed through the advertisement of fresh engagements for the upcoming session. Gathering information from various colleges it has been revealed that the college management has ordered to increase the number of students per class (from 80 to 120+) to justify this illogical decision and inhabit the process of fresh academic arrangements. Directing the lecturers to impart lecture to a strength of 120 students, that too without proper paraphernalia, is itself demonstrating the pathetic condition and management failure of the higher education department.

Justices demands an immediate revision of the decision in light of a proper legal and justified process of engaging candidates for the upcoming session. Otherwise a significant number of meritorious candidates as well as the students can suffer.

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