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 ‘MARHAM’- A noble initiative to help the needy! 

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While most of people stick to their 9-5 working hours schedule and very rarely find themselves in a position to help people, Mir Ubaid- a Buchroo Kulgam resident and his team of volunteers- is most likely to be found helping the needy 24X7.

Marham, a Non Government Organization (NGO) founded by Ubaid, has set a few challenges for itself and is on way to creating better society with its programmes including ‘Razzaq Buchroo education Mission’, ‘Meher Marriage Assistance Mission’, ‘Healthy Help Healthcare Mission’.

An MBA student, Ubaid, founded Marham for his passion for social work which had fascinated him from a long time and he wanted to follow the footsteps of his close relative Ab Razzaq Buchroo, a well known social activist and a Public Servant. Ubaid finally registered his initiative in 2018 to commit himself and a team of volunteers to the various causes prevailing and concerning the society.

The venture, Ubaid claims, began by identifying children who couldn’t afford education after which efforts were made to facilitate them to receive education by sponsoring them in various schools in the area. “In the year 2018 Marham was registered and the team began to function very professionally as well as transparently.  We first began by identifying children who were either poor or orphans and thus not in any position to continue their studies. We arranged for their fees to be paid to various schools and also used our good contacts with school administrations to ensure that they receive an uninterrupted education,” Ubaid said.

With the gradual undertakings, the organization soon became known to the people and many came forward to join hands for the social cause, Ubaid said adding that he intended to explore more and more sectors to help those in need.

Another mission under the title ‘Healthy Help Healthcare Mission’ initiated by the organization is keen to provide medical help to patients suffering from chronic ailments. People who suffer chronic ailments and are in no position to pay for their treatment are being attended under this mission, Ubaid said adding that in near future his organization was planning to setup its own clinics and for this reason. “I have already good connections with some renowned Doctors and consultants who are ready to help,” Ubaid added.

Apart from the above mentioned missions, the organization also works provides marriage assistance to people desirous of it. Such services, Ubaid says, are mostly extended to the families which have ageing men and women and because they don’t have much financial position to meet perform the rituals tend to delay marriages. “The pre-marriage and post-marriage rituals, as we all know, are terribly costly and also a Bidah in Islam. But for the fear of being outcaste by the society, many families delay the marriages of their children. We tend to provide our services to them and do as much as we can,” Ubaid added.

“Our motive is to help the needy irrespective of, cast, colour, religion or faith and we shall continue to strive for such motives,” says the founder.






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