I am Yemen- Can you hear me?

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Mohammad Umms Rafiq

Children’s day is celebrated every year on the birth anniversary of the first Indian Prime Minister, Jawahar Lal Nehru for the love and special attachment he had with children.

I am not going to criticize anyone here, but I will just try to highlight those things which have left everyone, especially children, in isolation, bloodshed, hatred, fear, and depression. For the sake of political power, children are being denied their right to enjoy childhood and are often left in the harm’s way. The word, it seems, turns a blind eye to the plight of children in war torn and conflict ridden places where hundreds and thousands of children suffer the consequences of such man-made catastrophes.

Children are dependent on the care, love, empathy and attention of adults who love them but their safety zones are frequently disrupted in times of war and conflict that often robes them of their loving parents and throws them out onto the street to either get killed or survive the onslaughts of terror on their own. Such conditions leave these innocent souls in complete despair and hopelessness often causing depression to them.

Thousands of children die of direct violence in war every year. Thousands of children suffer the consequences of war including getting injured due to the guns, landmines, chemical weapons, toxic elements used by the confronting sides. Millions of children are extremely disabled by war, many of whom don’t have any access to rehabilitation centers.

Apart from the direct influences that war has on children, it also tarnishes their hopes for a proper healthcare, education and conducive atmosphere. There are rackets of those child-traffickers who exploit these war torn children and force them into begging, labour, prostitution and several other dangerous occupations.

In such a scenario children may even lose the meaning of their lives which challenges them physically, emotionally as well as morally and they are forced into activities like sex slavery, stealing and so on.

Yemen, once a startling and throbbing country is a wreck now and hell has been let lose here. The war torn Yemen is worst than hell, one should say, given the devastation and loss of human lives here. Everything has been razed to dust, the vibrant cities, the beautiful towns and the bustling markets- all demolished. The children, several hundreds of them already dead, in this part of the world have experienced the worst conditions of life in the wake of the unending war led by Saudi and its allies including US, UK, Germany, UAE, France, Canada and many others.

‘The conflict has made Yemen a living hell for its children’- Meritxell Relano, UNICEF Representative in Yemen, told Reuters adding that more than 11 million children, or about 80 percent of the country’s population under the age of 18, were facing the threat of food shortages, disease, displacement and acute lack of access to basic social services.

“An estimated 1.8 million children are malnourished in the country. Nearly 400,000 of them are severely acute malnourished and they are fighting for their lives every day.”

Without going into the politics of the war that has unleashed the world’s most urgent humanitarian crisis in the nation of 28 million, where 8.4 million people are believed to be on the verge of starvation and 22 million people are dependent on aid, one can only feel the cold, criminal silence of the world human rights bodies that haven’t been able to do anything considerable. Cholera, typhoid, TB and other diseases are engulfing whole of Yemen in its grab while the war coalition has imposed stringent measures on imports into Yemen to prevent them from importing even essentials and medicines from other parts of the world. Saudi Arabia and UAE claims that they are providing aid to the Conflict hit Yemen but the reality is totally opposite as Saudi and its allies have left no stone unturned to fill Yemeni soil with dead bodies.

As per the latest reports of UN, more than 2million children are at the risk of losing their lives by the end of this year. Bombing schools, targeting hospitals and school buses, attacking women and infants, destroying water bodies and crops, houses and mosques and everything in Yemen, is the reality of Saudi in Yemen war and all this game plan was hatched by Zoinists while Saudi and allies while serving their tyrant masters committed the worst ever genocide in the history of mankind.

America is making things worst in Yemen and the war is now turning out to be disastrous one in modern times and its flames may possibly spread to neighboring states in the Middle East if not ended at the earlier. Billions of dollars have been spent on Yemen war by Saudi monarchy but result is zero, only humanity and Yemen is being murdered and World has turned a blind eye towards it.

The writer is MBBS Student at Shiraz Universe of Medical Sciences

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