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PC accuses PDP of resorting to harassment of party’s activists

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Srinagar, Feb 22, 2019: Peoples Conference spokesperson on Friday said that the string of joining from Srinagar and Hazratbal in particular has unnerved the former PDP MLA from Hazratbal who is now resorting to intimidation and threatening of these workers.

‘Amid a string of joinings from Srinagar, some promising young men from Mulfaq, Hazratbal joined JKPC at the residence of senior party leader Junaid Azim Mattu and pledged to take the Caravan of Change further; strengthening it at the grass-roots level in Hazratbal. Immediately after the joining, their homes were stone pelted, they were harassed and all sorts of tactics were used to hound and threaten their families of dire consequences directly by PDP workers and activists at the behest of former PDP MLA from Hazratbal”, the spokesperson said in a party release.

He said that the former MLA from the area is intimidating these workers to reverse their decision to join PC and even coerced them into addressing a press conference which was nothing but full of lies.

“Today out of the blue the former PDP MLA manages to get four people from the area to the press enclave, in a vehicle hired by her, to issue a statement that they never joined PC. The pictures are out there on our official accounts of dozens of workers who joined. If the PDP MLA thinks that by resorting to such tactics she will be able to stop Peoples Conference from marching on, not only in Hazratbal but Srinagar at large, she is grossly mistaken”, he added.

Stressing on the importance of allowing the inhabitants of Srinagar get to decide what their future will be, the spokesperson said that “they are not bound into slavery neither with the PDP nor with the NC. We are reaching out and empowering the youth and will continue to do so. The rise of Peoples Conference as a viable alternative is a reality and it is time for both NC and PDP to accept this reality.”

Assuring that the party will write to the authorities seeking safety and security of political workers, he said that “we are writing to SSP Srinagar to ensure the safety and sense of security for all political activists to give them the freedom of choice to decide their politics and the culprits should be apprehended and brought to book.”

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