Mubashir Iqbal Kitaba

An open letter to hon’ble PM

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Take measure to stop harassment of Kashmiris

India claims to be the world’s largest Democracy. But that claim of yours stand exposed and punctured by the attacks on Kashmiri students, traders and businessmen all over the country for the crime which they have not committed.

No one in Kashmir condoned the death of CRPF personnel killed in the suicide attack because we know and feel the pain and sufferings of losing  dear ones. No one can better understand and feel the pain of death and destruction as we Kashmir’s, as we are going through such conditions from the past seventy two years. On daily basis our parents shoulder the coffins of their young children. Mothers lost their sons, sisters their brothers, wives their husbands. Each and every life matters either of civilian, security personnel or a militant- after all we are losing precious human lives.

Every time you blame Pakistan for radicalizing youth of the valley but how is it possible that in the presence of more than seven lakh troops stationed here in this small piece of land that they will radicalize the youth, if they did as per your narrative then it is your incapability and failure check such influences. But what I believe Mr. Honorable PM; it is the failed policies that push youth to pick up arms. Instead of encouraging dialogue and discussion, your government has been using military might- an iron fist- as it is called. This way no issue can be resolved and peace will remain elusive as ever.

Honorable PM Modi Ji, you being the Prime Minister of world’s largest democracy shouldn’t you feels the pain and suffering of we Kashmir’s. If you are unaware of the pain, sufferings and ground realities of Kashmir then sorry to say Modi Ji you have no right to hold the country’s highest chair of Prime Minister Ship.

After the attack on the CRPF convoy, Kashmir’s studying in different parts of the country were hounded, beaten, humiliated and forced to leave the colleges and universities. The hostels were surrounded by the angry mobs who forced the college and university authorities to through Kashmiri students out. There are also news paper reports and videos which make rounds on social media that how Kashmiri, helpless and innocent, students were beaten ruthlessly. In one of the colleges in Dehradun where mob forced the college administration to expel its Dean who was a Kashmiri and the mob threaten the authorities that if he was not sacked they will put buildings on fire. In another college in Dehradun where a mob attacked a group of six helpless Kashmiri students and were raising slogans ‘Kashmiriyo ko zinda jalaoo’ (burn Kashmiris alive). The Kashmiri students were hiding around the whole night for the safety of their lives and it is in the morning that police came to their rescue. Had police not come, they would have been beaten to death by the radical Hindu goons.

Thousands and thousands of students are fleeing from different states of India after facing threats and are forced to leave the colleges and universities whose parents have spend lakhs of rupees for getting their children better education.

Isn’t it your prime responsibility to come forward and order the police and administration for ensuring the security and safety of Kashmiri students and business community? Isn’t it your responsibility to stop the students of Kashmir from being persecuted and ensure safety so that they can continue their studies?

In many states, hotel owners have put banners outside of their hotels that ‘Kashmir’s are not allowed’. By doing such things what message are they sebding to Kashmir and to the rest of the world? As much as the Governor of Magliya goes on to ask its citizens to boycott Kashmir’s and everything Kashmiri. How can a responsible person give such a provocative statement?

Many students were expelled, suspended and put behind bars for the facebook posts that they had shared. Shouldn’t those also be booked who ask for genocide of Kashmir’s and who beat Kashmir students and forced them to leave their studies midway? Why this double standard sir? Are the laws only for Kashmir’s?

Kashmir is the political problem and needs a political solution- a solution which should be acceptable to all so that the precious lives can be saved.

I hope you would direct all the states and ensure the safety and security of the all the students and business community all over India.

Look at the situation brewing in nearly all the states of India-Kashmiri students, traders, shopkeepers and even tourists are being attacked. Despite clear footage and proof of those indulging in such acts, there is no action taken in this regard. In fact the government has been largely silent on persecution of people of Kashmir in rest of India.

I hope I am not the next anti-national after writing this letter.


PhD Research Scholar

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