Towseef Ahmad

Prototyping the Society

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The fact is that we need to design and explore the best of the solutions and techniques which can be applied to a society through the appropriate prototyping and modelization and answer the problems that are penetrating deep and pervasive into our system and strategy. Thence we need to clearly anticipate the idea behind the formulations and modelizations behind the ideas which can be helpful at the level of sourcing of the open source urbanism and the outsourcing of the flexible criteria. In order to get the completely functional perspective of the society we need better oriented programs and functions. Our specifications and prototyping has to be accurate. With the help of the cognitive heuristics we can formulate the better ideas and designs. Thence the heuristics of deontology and the heuristics of the nomological taxonomy can produce wonders in our thinking paradigms and the just causes.

In this context our view should be to enhance the efforts and nurture the ideal results and adjust the makeover plans according to the fixed criteria, the criteria fixed as per the law and the better guarded social policy. Therefore new poles and planks of thinking can produce new and dynamic results once we start to realize our benefits afresh and according to the values of the social metaphysics. Thence it is the result of certain processes and phusis like structures that our society grows and the men and people flourish and help in flourishing the necessity of absolute values, choices and stories. Thence we should transcend the theory and the theoretical stance with the limelight of the pedagogies and the educational value across the cultures and the territories. Thence we should produce and provide the bigger, richer and the novel concepts and create a conducive atmosphere for the naturalising of the deontic metaphysics as well as the cosmic metaphysics, through the different forms of the astrophysical values.

Thence we need to allow the policy processes to shape our social world and the societal requisites. Thence in this vein and in this context our paradigm of the society has to be in tune with the dynamic standards of just propositions and just tranquility. Thence the better sources and directives of the constitution can inspire us to promote the well being of the being through the welfare projects and the projects like the ameliorative formulations. Thence in this vein and according to the target audience we need to promote the metaphysical well being of the people through the metaphysics at sight, metaphysics of hope and hope and luck inspired projects and schemes, as well as through the adequate and specific prototyping.

In this vein and in this context we should try to master the situations and circumstances and provide the absolute solutions to the specific problems through the gel and gem formulas for the society which has otherwise gone deeply wayward, so that the society comes on track and the people feel the lifeworld around them to be good. Thence in this vein and in this context we should respond to the internal and the external stimuli and the inherent cohere so that the society travels far ahead than it is visualized and thought by the predecessors. Thence accordingly the timeline of the society should be smoothened through the processes and we should move from one stranded postulate to the other free postulate of determinism and from the mere dynamics to the positive and spectacular sciences in addition to mulling for the technological revolutions and changes through the technological prototyping. Thence in this vein and in this context we should clearly make a fresh appraisal of the things and create a deontic determinism and soft compatibilism of the different views pervading across the society and the cultural hierarchies. Thence in this vein and in this context we must target the things in a beautiful manner and shape them for the welfare and emancipation of the people.

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