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Omar Abdullah the first person from Kashmir to align with RSS-BJP: PC

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Srinagar: Peoples Conference on Monday said that Omar Abdullah was the first person from Kashmir to wear ‘RSS knickers’ when he was made a foreign minister of the BJP government at a time when human rights violations were at its peak in Kashmir.

In a statement, the PC spokesperson Adnan Mir said the sole motive of making him a junior foreign minister was to parade him across the world and show a Kashmiri face vouching that no human rights violations were taking place in Kashmir.

“And now he is the new BJP baiter in town. And he expects to walk off from his past with not even the remotest hint of remorse. Incidentally he walked off from the RSS camp- not because there were human rights violations in Kashmir or that the autonomy resolution was not accepted. He walked off because Papa was not made the vice- president of India by the then BJP government,” he said.

The spokesman alleged that NC used Ikhwanis to kill Kashmiris during 1996 to 2002.

“Why is NC not owning up its Ikhwan links? Is it not a fact that Farooq Abdullah addressed rallies organized by Ikhwan? Is not a fact that during the NC regime of 1996 to 2002, the Ikhwan was active and killed hundreds of people? Did NC not give mandate to Ikhwanis to fight elections? Did he not encourage the “chit system” wherein a name was scribbled on a chit for elimination given to Ikhwan,” he said.

He  said that it was Farooq Abdullah who recommended one of the country’s highest civilian award for a dreaded counter-insurgent (Ikhwani) responsible for hundreds of unimaginable atrocities on hapless, innocent Kashmiris.

“Ikhwan candidates, Ikhwan MLCs, Ikhwan photo-ops, Ikhwan rallies, Ikhwan killings and yet the NC wants us to believe that they are squeaky clean and got nothing to do with any of it”, he added.


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