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About making choices

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The matter of fact is that since the metaphysics busted out of some shell, it has groomed itself into deontic fineness. It is not a mere anthropocentric story, the question is of morality. Thence we should make an attempt and effort to reform humanity and it is in this direction that words should echo the logic and there should be no false necessity. In other words the joint communicative inquiry can land us to a system which echoes justice and fairness at all levels and empathy being the predominant mood. How certain factors influence us and change our views with respect to a particular culture, code of conduct and particular form of lifestyle is a real question.

There are different predictors and differentiated ontology’s of thought that should be utilized to command a particular way of morality, so that our system becomes a civilized one. It is a fact that we should comply with the products of reason and methods of emotion and become the condition precedent for the social change. Thence for the purposes of the good moral decision making we should follow the attribution method of the principles which produce the greatest happiness and welfare in the society and thus in the entire social system. Socialization of the family patterns is essential. We must follow those deontic standards which promote the worth of the human beings in academic, government and in the circles of the judiciary.

Therefore individual moral judgment is important if we have to retain certain cultural pedagogies and ideologies. We should approach moral behaviour and thought from the most relevant sources of modern psychology. Emotional mediation and the symphony among the various artefacts of moral emotions and cognitive styles is therefore vital in the appropriate decision making. Therefore in the first instance we should delineate for our own purposes that what should be the differential content of a moral emotion and thereafter a moral decision. We can use the specific points to figure out the actual content of a moral behaviour and a particular set, multiset or a code of conduct. Certain specific attributes of moral values either increase or decrease the role of utilization of a particular social process for rendering the best outcome plausible and significant.

Therefore we must use socialization techniques to varied situations and contexts in order to evaluate the better possibilities and outcome of a particular moral behaviour, a moral judgment and a moral code of conduct. What is a good moral behaviour in one culture can be a moral dilemma in a different situation, culture or context. It depends upon the sociometric status, education level and the cognitive stage of a person to render an action more beneficial without harming the fellow colleagues or without trespassing on the rights of the people. The participation in democratic forms of life can increase the ethical development of the person due to the development of the mature psychology and personality. The conforming aspect of adhering to a particular form or genre of morality and the constructive agentic aspect of the morality differs from one another based on the role and demeanour of the shared values and interests.











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