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51% Pakistanis hold favourable opinion of PM Khan's overall performance: Poll

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Islamabad, Jan 26: More than half of Pakistan has a favourable opinion of Prime Minister Imran Khan's overall performance after his first five months in power, a new poll conducted by Gallup & Gilani Pakistan suggests.

As part of the survey, a representative sample of 1,141 people was asked, “What is your opinion on Prime Minister Imran Khan’s overall performance up until now, i.e., since his winning the 2018 elections?”

According to the survey's findings, 38 percent of Pakistanis rated the premier's performance as "good", whereas another 13 percent had a "very good" opinion of whatever he's been up to.

In total, 51 percent of the sampled people held a favourable opinion of the prime minister's performance, who assumed the top office on August 18 last year following his party's triumph in the general elections the previous month.

Meanwhile, 26 percent people had a "bad" opinion of the PM's performance, whereas 20 percent had a "very bad" view. Three percent did not know or did not wish to respond.

Urban respondents, according to the survey's results, were found to be significantly more upbeat about PM Khan's tenure.

From among urban respondents, 15 percent were of the view that the prime minister's performance has been very good up until now, while 44 percent said that it had been good. Twenty-three percent termed it 'bad', 16 percent termed it 'very bad', and 2 percent did not know or did not wish to respond.

Meanwhile, from among rural respondents, only 12 percent said that the prime minister's performance had been very good, 35 percent said that it had been good, 27 percent opined that it had been bad, 22 percent said that it had been very bad, while 4pc did not know or did not wish to respond.

The age-wise breakdown found that PM Khan enjoys a better approval rating among millennials, with 65 percent of the respondents under the age of 30 holding a favourable opinion of him.

However, the prime minister's popularity takes a massive hit in the 50-plus age bracket, with a combined 51 percent of them believing that his performance has been either "bad" or "very bad".

The prime minister's Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf had received 16.85 million (almost 32 percent) of the total 53m votes cast in the 2018 general elections.

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