Debating political contours in Kashmir

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 In making his final choice between various shades of politics here, Shah Faesel will have to answer himself more than anyone else.

By: Mudasir Ahmad Gori

The first UPSC topper from Jammu and Kashmir found himself in the middle of a controversy when the rumour of his joining mainstream politics was making rounds. He, rather, found himself at the centre of the debate immediately after his resignation which has given birth to innumerable questions, uncountable perceptions and so on. Some people went to the extent of questioning his credibility. For them perhaps securing first position in UPSC is not sufficient enough proof of his exceptional talent.

He has proven his worth twice already by being a doctor and then being a topper in a prestigious competitive exam. He does not need any certificates from anyone. The uproar is gaining momentum because of the stereotypical perception that politics is a dirty game and thus ‘good’ people must stay away from it. That is where the problem lies. Ironically the supposition that let those ‘bad’ people be allowed to rule upon us seems to be okay with all. Now let’s introspect for a while and try to see who actually made this ‘politics’ a dirty business? Who elected these so called people’s representatives? Before questioning and rather lampooning others, will it not be correct to look inwards and see who are actually responsible for the mess these politicians have landed us into? How do we expect to bring a change in the system when we cannot afford to allow ‘good’ people to even contest elections?

It seems that whatever little possibility has been born because of Shah Faesal’s resignation also gets slipped off our fingers. It wouldn’t be possible to expect a change if people aren’t ready to shake the political structures and appreciate genuine people to take the lead. Let’s not forget that he had hinted it already when he had said that “losing job is a small risk for that debate I am trying to have”. He must have been ready for it for quite some time.

When this great intellect of our state has already made it clear through his Facebook post that he is resigning, because of the ‘injustice,’ ‘unabated killings’ and many other things, why does it seem to be a drama to all? It is pertinent to mention that he asked people for opinions too, which most of us have given on Facebook only. We must realize that sacrificing a job for the sake of the people is in itself a big statement and yet we believe in playing blame games.

There is nothing wrong if Faesel joins politics, because somebody has to bell the cat. Someone has to start from somewhere.

However, having said this, one would also like to see that such an intellectual makes his choices very seriously. Joining one or the other camp is alright, but how would anyone justify joining hands with those who are the choreographers of this mayhem in Kashmir. In making his final choice between various shades of politics here, Shah Faesel will have to answer himself more than anyone else.

The writer is a research scholar and can be reached @ [email protected]

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