The KAS quandary

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By: Nazim Humayoon

First of all let me be clear that this piece is not meant to hurt sentiments and elations of any, be it the ones who made it to greater leaps in life or the one who failed to achieve much. Not only me, but numerous others must have expressed their viewpoints and perspectives about the KAS mains results since the day it was declared and was eventually stayed by the Hon’ble high court.

This is not for the first time that the selection process of the prestigious and emulous exam has been put on hold. It has been done before too, many times. Not only KAS, but several other competitive examinations too have suffered the same fate. I will not go into the statistics as most of the esteemed readers must be aware of such happening.

While one cannot out rightly deny any allegations put forth by the contesting parties who have dragged the decision into the court room, there is equal amount of doubt that those who fail to make it to the final select list are also somewhat irreconcilable to the reality. The net result is- the select list is help up for now!

KAS being an extremely competitive examination and only a fraction of percentage makes it to the final lists and that’s what majority of non-qualifiers are not able to accept.

I am sure all the aspirants must have celebrated to qualify prelims and than mains too. There might also be some errors in the results, but to err is human. What about those candidates who successfully made it to the personality test shortlist? Didn’t they work hard enough to make their entry possible to the further process of selection? Are they among the protestors this time?

When an inclusive and general view is taken into account, the aspirants keep on insisting and asserting about the fast recruitment process, decry over the delay in results but when it becomes personal and exclusive, and no sight of any sustenance is seen, thank God!

I am sure there are many who are gratified with the list which was later stayed even some of those who had not made it this time. It may sound rude, capricious but I want to convey a sincere and unpretentious message to all the aspirants. Stop playing with each others’ careers!

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