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Vox Popli: Hoping for a better today!

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Kashmir has been witnessing the worst times with each day bringing in the news of death and destruction. People here yearn for good news to come their way and it has been a longing for a lifetime. But New Year is here and people across the world celebrate New Year with zest and often come up with New Year resolutions focusing on what they deem correct ‘wish list’ for themselves. This is an age old practice and continues to be in vogue. People also wish each other on this occasion and try spreading smiles. Kashmir Images reporter, Aaqib Naik, spoke to some people and here are the wishes that they have to share:

Ashraf Raavi Teacher
Last year, we may have abandoned our friends, relatives, neighbors out of our selfishness but it’s time to mend our relations with them. We should introspect before blaming others for such eventualities. We should pledge to work for the benefits of all. A real human is one who lives for others.

Owais Khan 
Last year we have witnessed funerals, Cordons, bloodshed, grief, torture and Kashmir has lost many of its youngsters- armed, unarmed! And this year, we hope it will usher in sustained peace , progress and prosperity in the state for which both the neighboring countries must start dialogue taking on board all the stakeholders, so that sufferings of people will end forever.

Dr Mujeeb Liyakat 
What our society lacks currently is happiness and peace and to bring everlasting peace in our society media plays an important role. Some years back, American philosopher Noam Chomsky said “Nothing in society can happen without the involvement of media. Media fixes our perception and organizes our experiences and thus Media determines what we know and how we feel about what we know. And one of the postulate of my research paper in which I suggest a theory “Savior theory of fourth estate”. that is “Requesting Media to take charge of saving”. So I request Media to play an important role in bringing everlasting peace and happiness to our endangered society.

Showkeen Lone Student

This year’s resolution is to be kind and enjoy life as it comes and respect time and do not waste it in if’s and but’s. For me, the best resolution is to be sure of what one is doing and how one is choreographing his/her life events. Staying positive and proactive will definitely help us in being happy.


Danish Ahmad Student
The years come and go but aims and objectives must be there and never to be forgotten. There is always next time to improve. Everyone might have his/her own experiences based on personal interest and choice. We have to introspect looking back at the past and learn from the mistakes we may have committed.

Owais Naik student
First of all a happy and healthy new year to all- may this year bring peace and prosperity to our valley. Last year, the valley lost hundreds of youth due violence which everyone felt was heart breaking. There was another chunk of youth who lost their lives to the fatal road accidents- unfortunately people don’t think this to be a serious issue while I feel it is as serious as any other issue.
Many lives were lost to road accidents and the faults are never fixed. This year, I want to request to the youth to stay safe and drive safe. Life never gives you another opportunity!

Mohammad Iqbal Govt Employee
We are leaving behind another year of our life, and we will have to ask ourselves whether we have been working on our lords commandment to make this world a better place? This is an important opportunity for us to account for the past to review our mistakes, to repent our sins and to make new and correct decisions to open immaculate pages of our life which is a rare opportunity for us.

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