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Triple Talaq bill an assault on family structure: Mehbooba

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“Gandhi’s India is being turned into Zia’s Pakistan”

Srinagar, Dec 31: Former chief minister Mehbooba Mufti on Monday said that the Triple Talaq bill will disturb the family structure and create more financial problems for the Muslim women.

“Being a Muslim and also a woman and also who has gone through broken marriage, I thought I should speak up (on Triple Talaq bill),” said Mufti while addressing a news conference at her residence in Srinagar.

She said after separation from her husband, the biggest problem for the woman is to raise her children.

“By bringing Triple Talaq bill, they (BJP) are entering our houses. This will disturb our family life and also, there will be more problems for women and men economically,” she said.

“I have gone through a broken marriage and I feel that a woman faces biggest challenge economically after her marriage is broken.”

Accusing the BJP of dividing India on religious and sectarian lines, Mehbooba said the bill was the second assault on Muslims after financial onslaught against them through bans on mutton and leather industries.

“When we talk about reservations for Muslims, BJP rejects it on religious lines. But when it comes to this kind of law, then they run to Parliament,” she said.

Calling for a consensus on issues like Triple Talaq, Mehbooba said that Muslims always abide by the law.

She added that it’s Gandhi’s India and turning it into Zia-ul-Haq’s Pakistan is unacceptable, adding that Muslims across India and Jammu and Kashmir will stay with Gandhis’ secular democratic India.

“Democracy is not run through brute majority but through consensus. Muslims accepted the decision of Supreme Court invalidating Triple Talaq unlike the Sabarimala verdict,” she said.

She said that the ruling party was not doing any service to India or the Hindus with such moves.

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