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NC alone can ensure development, strengthen peace: Slathia

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VIJAYPUR DECEMBER 23-. Former minister and State Secretary National Conference Surjeet Singh Slathia on Sunday lashed out at peace inimical elements for pursuing regional and communal agenda to weaken the secular fabric of Jammu and Kashmir, saying his party aloe can steer the State to peace and stability.

“National Conference has always stood against these elements and foiled their attempts to destablise the state and create impediments in its odyssey to peace and harmony”, Slathia said while addressing workers at Village Dug in Ramgarh areas of the Vijaypur Assembly Constituency.

In this context, Slathia referred to the negative role being played by BJP with an avowed objective of flaring up passions to incite sentiments of the innocent people. However, he exuded confidence that people will foil their machinations by maintaining unity and promoting harmony as ever before. He said the BJP has totally failed in keeping even a single promise made to the people of Jammu who mandated them to power, which the party could not sustain for the full term due to inherent contradictions.

The former minister expressed optimism about secular forces meeting the challenge of communal elements by strengthening the bonds of amity between the communities and the regions.

Slathia said the people of Jammu were now realizing the futility of giving mandate to the BJP, as it failed them on all the fronts. On the contrary, he said successive National Conference governments ensured equitable development of all the regions of the State with thrust on infrastructural development and improving the conditions of the people to enable them lead prosperous and dignified life.

He spelled out the policies and programmes of the National Conference in satiating the urges and aspirations of the people of all the three regions of the state and its sub-regions. He hoped that the people will strengthen the part so that it surmounts the challenges faced to the State on the front of development, security and overall welfare of the masses.

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