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Shalimar United defeats SFA HMT by 5-3

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Manzoor Memorial Football 7A-side Tournament

SRINAGAR, DECEMBER 21: Shalimar United FC today defeated SFA HMT by 5-3 in a knockout game of Manzoor Memorial Football 7A-side tournament here at Amar Singh College ground.

The high voltage game started with SFA scoring the opener in the second minute of the game only. Recovering from the early jitters, Shalimar United soon scored the equalizer through its striker Syed Mustafa, who effortlessly broke SFA’s defense to put the ball in their net.

The SFA managed to score two more goals after this and so did the Shalimar United. Shalimar United players were quick to react to the situation. Muneeb Majeed Mir and Manzoor Hussain, playing with their captain Ashfaq in the mid-field scored a piece to bring their team at par with SFC HMT.

The first half ended on level terms with scorecard reading 3-3. However, Shalimar United came all guns blazing in the second half.

With their striker, Syed Mustafa displaying his excellent skills with the ball and Shalimar United’s overall accuracy in ball passing proved as the major difference between the two sides. Syed with his lethal striking power created fear among the opposition camp, only to result in him scoring two more goals for his side.

Playing with their 2-3-1 combination Shalimar United’s defence managed by Sahil and Basarath alias Basu ensured that lead taken by their team was maintained.

The game ended on 5-3 in Shalimar United’s favour. Syed Mustafa for his overall brilliance and hattrick was awarded the man of the match award at the end of the game.

Shalimar United FC- led by its manager cum captain Ashfaq, was a regular feature at many tournaments in the Valley, but for some   reasons the team was away from playing any major tournament for past sometime.

However, the absence from the field did not seem to have made any effect on the quality of the game that the Shalimar United is known for. Over the period of time, the team has infused new blood and has made some drastic change in its playing squad, yet the class affiliated with it has not diminished even a little bit as Amar Singh college ground on Thursday stood witness to it. Playing in yellow jerseys, the team took little time to warm up to the game. However, once they did there was no one to stop them.

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