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Exposed water pipeline running through orchids in Sempora Kulgam; orchardists fear soil erosion

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Kulgam, Dec 20: The orchardists of Sempora village in Kulgam district have raised apprehension about the newly installed water pipeline ranging from Alamgunj to Sempora, Tantry pora Kulgam affecting their orchid land as the pipeline, according to them, has been installed just a few inches below the upper layer of soil.

According to the orchardists here, the pipes have not been buried deep in the ground and thus can become a major hurdle in carrying out the tiling in their orchids. “The water leakage will not only affect our land but it is also going to erode the upper layer of the soil which is crucial for the growth of apple trees,” they said adding  “When we approached the contractors and requested them to bury the pipes 2 feet further deep into the land, they refused to do so.”

One of the residents of Sempora village, Mudasir Ahmad, said: “The pipeline has not been installed as per the rule. It should have been buried at least 2 feet deep into the ground.”

“The concerned department should look into the matter and solve the issue as soon as possible,” he added.

When contacted Executive Engineer PHE, Kulgam said: “Our officers have already inspected the present installation of pipeline and in the interest of orchardists we will dismantle the pipes only to install them again.”

“The land in the orchids was uneven due to which some pipes could not be buried at least one foot deep and it will be done in coming days,” he added.

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