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National Lok Adalats held in both wings of High Court

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JAMMU, DECEMBER 08: With the aim to reduce pendency of cases in courts, the Jammu and Kashmir High Court Legal Services Committee, today organized National Lok Adalats in both the Jammu and Srinagar wings of High Court simultaneously.

The Lok Adalats were held under the patronage of Chief Justice Jammu and Kashmir High Court (Patron-in-Chief J&K State Legal Services Authority), Justice Geeta Mittal, and guidance of Justice High Court and Executive Chairman J&K legal Services Authority, Justice Rajesh Bindal, and under special guidance of Justice High Court and Chairman High Court Legal Services Authority, Justice Ali Mohammad Magrey.

Besides reducing the pendency in the courts, the Lok Adalats were organized to draw the attention of the public to the efficacious alternative disputes resolution method of Lok Adalat.

In both wings of High Courts, three benches were constituted, for the disposal of the cases. As many as 413 cases including 110 Motor Accident Claims Tribunals (MACT), 30 SWP Matters, 2 Bank recovery, 27 Labour Dispute, 19 138NI Act, 21 OWP, 20 Family Dispute, 13 561-A, 4 Revenue, 163 Pre–Litigation (Bank), 3 Pre–Litigation (SWP), 1 Pre–Litigation (Land) were taken up in the National Lok Adalats.

Around 22 cases were settled viz 9 MACT, 4 SWP Matter, 1 OWP and 8 Pre- Litigation (Bank) and under 9 MACT cases compensation amount of Rs74, 47,777 was awarded.

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