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Frequent fires force Karnah villagers to seek divine intervention

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Karnah Dec 03: Three shops were damaged in a fire incident at Sheikh Mohalla of Kandi Balla village in Karnah.

The gutted shops belonged to Ab. Hameed Sheikh, Rayaz Ahmad Khan (tailor shop) and Khursheed Ahmad Sheikh.

According to local’s since past month, several structures including residential houses and cowsheds were damaged in this frontier area.

Several hay-stacks too were gutted in these frequent fires.

The fire incidents are so wide spread that the residents of the village have called religious clerics to perform special prayers \to ward off the ghosts’ which they believe are behind the sudden fires in the vicinity.

“We have been told that there are numerous ghosts in the village who are behind these fires,” a local said, adding, there seems no visible reason behind these fire incidents.

“We have conducted an elaborate religious ritual in this regard,” he added.

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