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Abdul Samad Reshi:  The Poet who juggles with genres and subjects alike     

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Meet Abdul Samad Reshee, 68 year old, a profound and reflective poet from a small village Reshipora of south Kashmir’s Shopian District who has been penning down some of the most melodious and rhythmic poems ever since he was a kid. Reshee has already published two poetry collections while another one in progress and shall soon be published.

‘Tubruk’, ‘Loleh Naar’ and ‘Crackdown on Illiteracy’ are three books of this poet among which two have already been published and ‘Loleh Naar’ is in the offing.

While the poet has a gifted talent to intermingle various genres of poetry and form a harmonious blend, his verses have deep connotation and are full of poetic and philosophical wisdom. Apart from divine love and other themes including the conflict in Kashmir as well as the modernization of a society, he deals with a variety of subjects and brings forth an expression that is insightful in nature and harmonious in tune.  Probably one of the best collections from the poet is ‘Tubruk’ that deals with parent-child relationship in the ever changing dynamics of our society and in the light of the modern education and exposures.

While recalling his poetic life Rashee said that when he was studying in 6th standard he used to murmur verses which were appreciated by one and all and soon he began to pen down his poems and keep a proper record.

“I use to write poetry about daily happenings during my childhood which I would read during morning assemblies of schools and in front of people. I have written every verse on papers which are still preserved,” he says.

Speaking about ‘Tubruk’ he said that it was first collection which was published during a cultural program at Jammu in 2015. The book, he claims, became very famous in Jammu and got tremendous readership across the region.

Having served in education department as a teacher, Rashee continued his stint with his passion  and composed a poetry book on Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan naming it as ‘CCI’. “In this book I have tried to record different incidents that took place in education department and versified them,” he adds.

Having been influenced by greats like Mehjoor, the poet has focused on all genres of poetry including Mazhiya (Funny), Ghazals, Elegy, Nazam etc while Divine love and the Sufi genre also finds a very profound place in his collections.

Now a retired teacher, Reshee feels excited and moved by nearly all themes and continues to blend them in his own unique style saying that ‘there are bad patches too when nothing comes to mind’. “There have been bad times for me when nothing came to my mind and I couldn’t write a single verse for almost three years which I could never forgot but I did not lose hope and gradually things started getting better,” he added.

Currently he is working with ‘Maraaz Adbi Sangam, Bijbehara’ and Cultural academy of Kashmir but he has never approached any department regarding any assistance for the publication of his books. “I have published two books all alone and financially I have done it myself right from composing to publishing. My collections are available to people free of cost’, says Reshee adding that his third collection was delayed due to his ill health and would be soon out.

He also adds that most of his poetry was based on Divine love requesting God, praising him, imploring him in a poetic way.

‘Arz Karhai Magar brunh kan cxe hawtam Paan Khudaya

Bakshizim yud Gacxem Galti be Chus Nadaan Khudaya

Cxe Chuk Arshi Brenis Peth Bu chus Kamtar Zameenas Peth

Me cha Mumkin Cxe Nish Watun Khasun Aasman Khudaya’

(I would praise you if you show me yourself Oh! God

Pardon my sins as I am Innocent Oh! God

You are at highest place beyond Skies and I am just a meek on Earth

Is it possible for me to reach you at your place Oh! God)


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