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Meet Shahid Zahoor, the little Big Star of Kashmir

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Srinagar, Nov 16: A six-year-old child, Shahid Zahoor, has become a musical sensation in Kashmir Valley after a brief video of his performance went viral.

‘Kashmir Images’ tracked the little percussion prodigy in his village and had a brief chat with him, his father and other members of their singing team.

Shahid Zahoor’s father, Zahoor Ahmad Mir from Naide Gaam, Budgam, is a folk singer and has been performing from past several years.

He says that Shahid, who is now studying in second standard, developed interest in music and would try his hands and fingers on earthen pots he could find in home.

“Seeing his interest in playing instruments and singing, I included him in our singing party. He has been playing ‘Dab’r’ and joining us in our programmes from past one year,” Mir told ‘Kashmir Images’.

Dismissing the apprehensions that playing instruments may impact Shahid’s studies, his father says: “He is good at playing Dab’r but is equally good at studies as well.”

The other members of the crew are equally happy and satisfied with young Shahid’s performance.

“He is doing a great job and we are hopeful he will shine further in days to come,” they say.

Shahid is too happy with what he is doing. “I used to listen and see my father and others singing and playing different instruments. I loved it and wanted to do the same,” he says.

“I would find a ‘lea’j’ (earthen pot used for cooking) somewhere inside the home and try my hands on it. Finally my father noticed my keenness and allowed me to fiddle with Dab’r. I am enjoying playing it,” adds Shahid.

With magical fingers and melodious voice, Shahid, if guided and coached properly, may evolve into a great percussion artist and may be a singer as well in future.

(A video clip showcasing Shahid’s talent can be watched at ……………..)  

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