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Legal Metrology penalizes Petrol Pumps for short delivery

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SRINAGAR, OCTOBER 25: The field executives of Legal Metrology Department under the supervision of Controller, Legal Metrology, J&K, conducted a surprise inspection of petrol pumps of Tehsil Sumbal in order to check their accuracies.

Most of the dispensing units of petrol pumps were found issuing the fuel correctly and only in one case a dispensing unit was found delivering fuel beyond permissible limits. Under Legal Metrology laws, the permissible limit for every five-litre measure is 25 ml.

The consumer has a right to check the accuracy of the dispensing unit himself in case he doubts the correctness of any petrol dispensing unit. The 5 litre conical measure remains available at the premises of the petrol pump for the purpose of inspection of delivery of the dispensing unit. The case was registered against the petrol pump for the short delivery.

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