Mushtaque B Barq

And they return over and again

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Just when Romeo was planning to visit Juliet under the canopy of a starry night in her balcony, Laila was awakened by the noise in the backyard. Romeo succeeded in giving the guards a slip but Laila failed to go down the lane to know the exact cause of the noise.  Juliet was over the moon to see Romeo down in the garden and to Romeo; she was a bright star of his lonely night. Romeo managed to lift himself up in the balcony, but Laila was struggling to come down. When the noise in the backyard turned into shrieks, Laila opened the window of her room and to her surprise, Majnoon who had promised Laila to meet in the dead of the night was trapped by the guards.

Across the seven seas, the lucky lovers were enjoying the warmth of love, but the luck on another side of the globe was against the other two lovers.  Between these two different love stories, a new love story had already signed the script. Rasool Mir of my land was seen roaming in the woods to find the traces of Kung who had promised him to meet in the backyard of a famous graveyard. Kung was not able to make it out for the reason she had lost her sandals in the fields that evening.

Unfortunately, few gravediggers were approaching to measure the length of a grave for a recently dead man. When Rasool Mir saw them in haste, he slipped himself in the old grave that was partially damaged and was taken by the dead to the world. In the meantime, Kung managed to snatch a tattered sandal from the shoe rack to be in the bevy of her lover who was in deep slumber in the grave. Kung was disappointed not to see her lover and left.

Romeo in the meanwhile was sharing his bad poetry of which he was the worst victim with Juliet. Juliet was looking up in the night sky and was waving to Kung not to leave for Rasool Mir was in the grave. As Romeo followed her gaze he found Majnoon beaten by guards under the palm tree. Rasool Mir in the meantime witnessed Laila in his dream struggling to join her lover who was roughed up by the Negro guards but could not find any trace of Kung in the dream.  Rasool Mir in a jiffy reached where Majnoon was counting his wounds. Majnoon was taken into surprise to see the young dashing man before him. Rasool Mir ripped his headgear and wrapped the blood oozing wounds of Majnoon. A lover’s headgear served the wounds of ruthlessly beaten another lover. The duo hand in hand started to find a proper place to listen to each other. Majnoon failed to understand what Rasool Mir was conveying but for Rasool Mir, the wounds were narrating their tale of woes.

When the screams died down, Laila managed to escape from the clutches of sleeping guards. Kung was lifted from the graveyard by a veiled fairy and Laila by a veiled angel. Both were brought in the garden of Juliet where she was taking pleasure in the arms of Romeo. As Laila and Kung were dropped there, Juliet rushed to them leaving Romeo in the balcony. He came down by the rope as already fixed by the nurse of Juliet to witness such a wonderful union of wondering ladies in the dead of the night.  Neither Laila could speak nor did Juliet understand Kung’s lament. It was such a mess. Before guards could find Romeo in the garden he jumped over the wall and left. Juliet took Laila and Kung in her room. Romeo knocked at the door of Friar Lawrence to seek help, but Friar had already left his chamber to collect herbs in the woods. As Friar raised his head a brand new star was already winking at him.

All the three in the dead of night put on veils to find their lovers. Romeo dived deep in the woods to find Friar who on the way to his chamber found three veiled ladies and took them to his chamber. As they were about to unveil themselves before Friar, a massive earthquake shook the earth. All ran for shelter. Kung and Laila hardly knew where to go found Romeo rushing towards Friar’s chamber, guiding them to a safer place. As one of the ladies walked over the pit and Rasool Mir stirred in the cave that was already filled with soil to dump the mortal frame of the lover once for all.

Majnoon under that tree was already buried leaving Laila in the company of Romeo and Juliet. The trio had not takers amidst of massive devastation, but after so many years all them were seen in different parts of the earth. Shareen and Farhad in one corner of the earth while Heer and Ranja on the other part of the same earth and somewhere in the royal court of mighty Mughals Salim and Anarkali.

God knows how many times these lovers shall return to mark their presence and how many times the merciless society  shall lean on them to offer their mortal frames only to live in the hearts of those who value love and loyalty and to satiate those who enjoy the rush of their blood.

Come what may love has always surpassed human limitations.

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