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Indian judiciary adopting dillydallying tactics with regard to political prisoners: Sehraie

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Srinagar, Oct 02: Chairman Tehreek-e-Hurriyat Mohammad Ashraf Sehraie on Tuesday expressed deep concern over what he termed as “dillydallying tactics of Indian judiciary and administration regarding political prisoners presently confined in different jails of Jammu, Kashmir and outside state.”

“This is the prime cause that political prisoners are languishing behind the bars for not since months but years. Existence of humanity with peace and justice is an accepted fact in every society and a system and government is guarded by the parameters of prevailing justice and human rights. When justice is delayed or denied in a society and system it will not flourish. In today’s world from Europe to Asia, Africa and other continents very much is said about justice and democracy but in practical world humanity has not seen real and genuine face of it,” a Hurriyat-G Spokesman quoted Sehraie as saying.

“Evidence of that fact can be seen by a naked eye we observe the judicial and administrative system of India which claims to be largest democracy of world. The detention of prisoners is being prolonged by this way or that way resulting in incarceration of not only months, but years without any progress in trail requirements. Not providing escorts for appearing in court hearings is a regular exercise. Police and civil administration of state in general and district Baramulla in particular is showing its highhandedness breaking every record of harshness. Height of the matter is these prisoners are not being given rights mentioned in jail manuals even relatives are being denied to meet their near and dear ones,” said Sehraie in the statement.

“Chairman of Tehreek-e-Hurriyat Mohammad Ashraf Sehraie has appealed to ICRC, Asia Watch and other human rights organizations to take a serious notice on status of political prisoners confined in jails of Jammu, Kashmir and outside state,” reads the statement.

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