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Islamia College organizes lecture series on Hussain (AS), Karbala tragedy

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SRINAGAR, SEPTEMBER 26: Islamia College of Science and Commerce (ICSC) Srinagar organized a lecture series on “Hussain (AS) – The Victorious Martyr of Karbala”.

Principal ICSC Professor (Dr.) Yaseen Ahmad Shah presented a critical overview of the theme. He said that the teachings of the Ahle Bait (RA) and the revered companions of the Holy Prophet (SAW) have stressed on the spiritual enlightenment and moral uplift of one and all.

The guest speaker Justices Basheer Ahmad Kirmani (Rtd) spoke at length on the theme and in the light of critical events which took place in the killing field of Karbala, urged the audience that the mankind must stand up for the principles of justice and human dignity to defend the truth at all costs.

Other speakers suggested that the life of Imam Hussain (AS) is also a call for feeding the poor and needy and everyone must play a positive role and put in conscience efforts to reverse the current deteriorating social order.

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