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Meet kid group that disseminates message of Karbala through Muharram banners

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Budgam: Each year, before the arrival of Muharram, an enthusiastic group of nine kids come out to spread message of Karbala by erecting black banners here in the township.

Hailing from Budgam township’s Haknipora village, the group has taken pledge to hoist banners and disseminate importance of Karbala where Imam Hussain (as) and his companions were martyred by the army of Yazid.

They get scribbled the famous slogans of Imam Hussain (as), couplets of poets and other resistance words to propagate the message of Ashura, the day when the battle of Karbala took place in 61 AH.

The group includes Irshad Mohammad, Basit Ali, Muneeb Ali, Rahib Salman, Measum Abbas, Saqib Fayaz, Mohammad Haseeb, Mushahid Ali and Yamin Ali. Irshad and Basit, both aged, 18, are the eldest, while others are 12 to 15.

They first hoist banners in their village and later in the streets of Budgam by climbing on trees and poles. Among these nine kids who also are friends, Measum, a class 5th student has self assigned job of climbing and getting banners erected. He does not fear while climbing atop of poles and trees.

Asked what was their motive behind erecting banners, they unanimously said that their main motive is to spread the message of Karbala.

“We feel it our responsibility and duty to erect these banners because it acts as a message to aware the people about the tragedy of Karbala,” they told Kashmir Images.

The group added that hoisting banners has become a part of their life. “Erecting banners has now become part and parcel of our life as it defines our identity that is linked with Karbala.”

About the support of locals, they said that residents of Budgam not only applause them but also contribute in the whole process.

“We get money for the expenses from people and sometimes we also get their banners and we erect them,” they said.

Notably, Kashmir’s largest Muharram gathering is being annually observed in Budgam township and the group makes it sure to raise more and more banners so that people would read. Each year, in Muharram, they hoist around 25 banners.

The friends said that they have learnt hoisting banners from their elders. “Before few years I was watching villagers erecting banners and the messages written on these banners were read by people. Then I got interested and I followed the same,” one among them said.

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