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By: Mushtaq Hurra

Erik Dean Prince, the founder of controversial security agency ‘ Blackwater ‘ is trying to persuade US President Donald Trump to privatize the security endeavors of Afghanistan. Blackwater is the brainchild of Erik Prince who belongs to a billionaire family of USA and is a former navy SEAL officer. He managed to develop cordial and healthy relations between CIA and US army. Erik Prince is believed to have strong relations with some professional fighters and private militia. These professional fighters and the agents of Blackwater have made some dreaded attacks on Taliban establishments after the infamous 9/11 tragedy. Thus, Blackwater was admired by CIA, and became its favorite security agency. Some notable Taliban militants are believed to have fallen prey to the bullets of this armed band including Masood Shah and many others.

Blackwater is not confined to Afghanistan only. It is believed that this security agency had won the privilege from CIA to take control of security scenario in Iraq, after the assassination of Saddam Hussain. The safety and safeguard of US embassy and US council in Iraq was completely handed over to this agency. This security agency took the responsibility to safeguard and protect US convoys and armed establishments in Iraq. Agents of Blackwater are known for their atrocities committed on different war prisoners and victims. This security band has killed hundreds of innocent Iraqis during their tenure in Iraq. It is pertinent to mention here that former US president Barrack Obama had castigated this militia during his election campaigneering for killing innocents, and had declared it the band of professional killers. But, surprisingly, Mr. Obama changed his stance , and made some generous gestures in favor of this infamous militia. He appointed its members as the security  guards of different embassies across the world at the cost of 12 crore US dollars.

Erik Prince’s sister , Betsy Devos is the education minister of USA and is believed to be among the favorites of President Trump. Even, Erik Prince is a good friend of the incumbent US president, and is believed to have spent generously during president Trump’s election campaigning. Mr. Prince is Presently putting up at UAE and is considered to be very close to Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed, the crown prince of UAE. In 2009, Blackwater assumed the title of Xe service and Academi in 2010.Presently, this militia is working as “Constellis Holdings”. It is believed that Wakenhut which is working in Pakistan as G4S, is having healthy relations with this armed band. Different retired armed officials across the globe are believed to be a part of Erik Prince’s initiative. Besides the acquisition of modern warfare skills, these fighters are taught multiple languages like Urdu, Persian and Arabic etc…

Now, Mr. Erik Prince is eying Afghanistan as Afghan army is virtually losing the battle against Taaliban.USA can either send more army to Afghanistan or quit from it. Pentagon is apprehensive about the possible battles with Taaliban fighters because they fear huge damages to life and property at the hands of Taliban. Mr. Prince is proposing the privatization of Afghanistan war; he wants American government to hand over the security matters of Afghanistan to his militia. In a press conference last week, he said that president Trump’s South-Asian policy has proven a failure. Mr. Prince lambasted American army for failing to curb the growing ambition and power of Taliban. He further alleged that drugs, mismanagement and poor training skills imparted to Afghan army have resulted in the dissolution of it.

Mr. Prince is firm in his stand that his armed agency is capable tackling the growing power of Afghan Taliban. He further reiterated that it will cost US government just 10 billion dollars to destroy Taliban establishments completely. He assured the country that his security agency will take care of human rights, and it can reduce war expenditure of his country in Afghanistan. Though Mr. Prince didn’t disclose his plan of action but media men believe that Mr. Prince will organize criminals and murderers across the globe the globe including Pakistan and Afghanistan, and will train them in accordance with modern warfare skills to perish Taliban. He may use internet and social media to provoke different sects against Taliban. He may promote sectarian and ethnic abhorrence against Taliban with the help of some paid orators. M. Prince believes that Taliban is very strong. Sectarianism can prove very effective in tackling its ambition.

President Trump has not reacted to this proposal so for. But, according to media men, an important meeting was held in the camp David retreat on the 18 of last month, in which president Trump sought suggestions from his advisors regarding the proposal made by Erik Prince. President Trump is caught in dilemma over the proposed move.US army officers are also against this move. They believe that a parallel army will lower the confidence of American army fighting in Afghanistan. Even Afghanistan government has criticized this move very harshly.

Dana Rohrabacher, a republican senator of American Congress, is advocating this proposed move of Erik Prince. Mr. Rohrabacher is upset with the performance of American army in Afghanistan. He believes that US army is miles away from its set goals in Afghanistan.US state Secretary , Mr. Mike Pompeo is of the view that Afghanistan has become a virtual graveyard for US. He reiterated that Efforts should be made to come out of this quagmire. President Trump’s national security advisor, Mr.John Bolton has warned that if Taliban government is established in Afghanistan, it will become the hub of anti US campaigns across the globe.

Though the proposed move to privatize Afghan security is yet to be decided but the way things are shaping up, is enough to make it clear that America is all set to give green signal to it.Taaliban has alleged that US has collaborated with ISIS to intensify its operations against it. Taliban spokesperson, Zabeehullah Mujahid , said in a recent tweet that American jets are providing air cover to ISIS establishments in Nangarhar and its adjoining regions in Afghanistan. US ambassador to Afghanistan, Mr. John Bass has termed these reports baseless . Interestingly, these allegations are not new. Many people believe that ISIS is secretly enjoying the patronage of America. Former Afghan president Hamid Karzai had allegedly said that American helicopters are providing arms and ammunition to ISIS fighters in Afghanistan. Talking to a Russian news channel, Mr. Karzai had said that unidentified helicopters land on ISIS establishments and drop huge consignments of arms and ammunition there. Recently, Iranian foreign affairs minister, Mr. Mohammad Javad Zarif has said that America supplies arms and ammunition to ISIS militants in Syria and Afghanistan.

A close friend of Erik Prince, Mr. Zalmay Khalilzad is believed to be appointed as the special envoy to Afghanistan. Mr. Zalmay is  staunch supporter of private privatization of Afghan security means to attack Taliban by an organized militia of criminals and killers. ISIS is already registering its barbarism in Afghanistan. The proposed privatization of American terrorism can unleash a new wave of violence in the region.

The writer is a teacher and can be reached at mushtaqhurra143@gmail.com

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