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Budgam hospital organizes drug de-addiction seminar

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Budgam, Sep 05: To create awareness among masses, Aga Syed Yousuf Memorial (ASYM) district hospital here organised one day seminar on ill effects of drug menace on Wednesday.

The seminar was organised by hospital’s psychiatry department in which mental health experts, psychiatrists, other doctors and teachers participated

On the occasion, different speakers gave detailed account on substance abuse. They unanimously agreed that need of the hour is to eradicate drug abuse from the Valley.

Consultant Neuropsychiatrist, ASYM hospital, Dr Imtiyaz Hussain said that around 15 persons who are addicted to drugs visit this hospital every month. “Besides counselling, we treat them and provide free medicine.”

Another doctor of the hospital, Muzafar Ali Khan said, “Drug menace is the biggest challenge in our society which has affected the younger generation most,” Adding that steps should be taken to curb substance abuse.

Notably, many participants resented the ‘improper’ move of hospital administration, saying seminar was held in a closed room and local population was not invited.

“About 50 participants were crammed in a room which was identical to a cow shed. In the scorching heat there weren’t any air conditioning arrangements. We faced a lot of problems.”

They added, “If hospital authorities were really interested in eradicating drug abuse, they would have invited people from all walks of life.”

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