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Artist in the Making: Qazi Tabish Faiz

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No use of a brush, or paint, her art is not what we usually see. She creates her unique artwork with the mere usage of paper, yarn, strings, and cotton. Qazi Tabish Faiz, 27, of Habak Naseembagh area illustrates a genuine artistic skill in creating meaningful and interesting art works by using an unconventional art medium.

“I had interest in art and craft since childhood. As cliché it may sound, art gives me immense peace and happiness and it holds the same meaning in my life,” says Tabish who has completed her MBA from Kashmir University (KU).

With different technique and a unique style and medium Tabish aspires to be known as an artist.

“All I want to achieve is the recognition and acceptance of my art form. Rest, I am not into setting any milestones. I am doing my work with dedication and will continue to work with the same attitude. Rest, Allah will plan,” she says.

Tabish has also started to participate in local exhibitions and has received good response from the public. “People have loved my art. They appreciate me for my creativity and genre. They loved the idea of breaking the routine of using paint to create art”.

Tabish was always interested in art but she never thought to take it as a profession. But later on, she decided to nourish this talent in her.

“I have always been into art and craft but I never took it professionally. Post completion of MBA, I started taking it seriously as a profession. Also, I wanted to do something which is not saturated and could get me an early mover advantage. So, I decided to do this kind of art which has been appreciated and embraced by many,” she adds.

Talking about the opportunities provided to art and artist in Kashmir she says people of Kashmir do value the art and artist but according to her, it’s the lack of artistic sense in people here where the actual problem lies.

“Here many people lack the sense of art. People are not willing to spend on art. Every field has its constraints. Like In beginning professional makeup artists had to face constraints as people were not comfortable with the idea of paying for getting groomed. But now the same is trending in Kashmir. Likewise, many people in Kashmir do not feel to spend on art. It will take time to develop a sense of art in people of Kashmir, but it will surely happen,” Tabish sounds hopeful.






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