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‘BJP has mastered art of marketing falsehood’

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Jammu, August 19: Stating that BJP had mastered ‘art of marketing falsehood’ for vote bank politics, JKPCC Chief G.A. Mir today alleged that the party failed to fulfil ‘even a single promise’ it made.

A press release issued here said that while addressing a series of meetings of different assembly segments Mir said that BJP had created division in the society and the country was facing a ‘very difficult situation’ by spreading widespread mistrust and atmosphere  of hate amongst different communities. “This kind of politics is fraught with dangers and brings about disunity and disharmony which goes against the basic strength of our Nation which lies in unity in diversity,” Mir was quoted as saying by the press release.

He questioned Modi Government’s promise to bring Black money in 100 days and deposit 15 Lacs in the bank account of every Indian, bringing the prices under control, check Pakistan from sponsoring terrorism and come to terms, end corruption and black money, create 2 crores jobs annually.

Mir said that thousands of crores of tax payers money had been looted from banks and influential people close to the corridors of power fled from the country under Modi’s regime. “The biggest ever Rafale deal is the classic example of the kind of transparency of the Modi regime, as the same jet plane was costing Rs. 540 Crores during UPA regime, which is being purchased on over 1600 crores per plane under Modi regime. The Prime Minister must explain to the nation, the price difference of over 1100 crores per plane,” he added.

Referring to the situation in the state, JKPCC Chief termed BJP and PDP as ‘two opportunist parties’ which, he alleged, had left the state in a situation of chaos and confusion during over 3 years of ‘misrule’. “What was common between two parties except sharing power, when they were diabolically opposite on each issue in the state. The two parties were always on a tug of war on every sensitive issue and vital decisions, but remained glued to chairs at the cost of commitments to their electorate. Never in the history and nowhere in the country, the-North Pole & South Pole- joined for the sake of power, but such was the lust of power, that nothing was dear to them except chair. Even today BJP tries to coble majority by hook or by crook to enter power least bothering for any principles or norms of any sort,” Mir was quoted as saying by the press release.

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