Today: Jun 19, 2024

Pashpora residents in Shopian demand floodgate for canal to prevent floods

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Shopian, Aug 13: The locals of Pashpora Keegam village of south Kashmir’s Shopian district have demanded a floodgate for the canal that flows through the village as the said water body overflows during heavy rainfall and thereby leads to flooding in the area.

They claimed that whenever there is an increase in the water-level of the canal, it causes massive damage to the property in the Pashpora village.

Locals said that the canal connects to Ranbi Ara, one of the major water bodies of Shopian, at Dombwani area of Shopian District.

“We have raised this issue several times with the irrigation department, but they are turning a deaf ear to our plights while pacifying the villagers here by saying that due to non-availability of funds they cannot construct a floodgate for the canal,” they said.

The locals further said that the routine flooding in the area has led to soil erosion as the speedy water wears off the top layers of the soil in their orchids and also rills have formed in them due to this canal water.

One of the locals from Pashpora village, Aijaz Ahmad, said, “Whenever the water level of Ranbi Ara increases it directly flows through the canal and thereby leading to massive flooding in our village.”

“Before 2014 floods, water flow in the canal was normal but the banks of the canal were damaged during September 2014 flood as a results the canal is allowing maximum passage of water from the Ranbi Ara,” he added.

When contacted EXEN Irrigation Department Shopian said, “We have taken remedial measures for preventing further flooding by plugging the entrance of the canal with a massive structure that will prevent water from entering into it.

“As soon as there will be an availability of funds, we will install a floodgate at the starting point of the canal,” he added.