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By: Mushtaq Hurra

Inhuman and uncompassionate treatment meted out to Mexican immigrants by Trump government has portrayed a dismal picture of American democracy and the democratic values that the country has always been proud of. 30th June 2018 witnessed massive protests against Trump regime across all the 50 states of America against the separation of children from their immigrant parents on U.S-Mexico border who enter US territory to seek refuge. The protesters expressed shock and demanded the abrogation of this barbaric policy which amounts to brazen violation of human rights. Though an executive order has been issued to end this policy but almost 2000 children are still away from their families and parents while president Trump is hell-bent to inflict atrocities on these immigrants. Last week, public pressure forced president Trump to issue an order to keep all the arrestees together and by this order, no immigrant can be separated from his/her children.

Contrary to this, the political analysts and critics believe that this order will be of no respite to those 2342 children who have been arrested from May 5 to June 9.

According to American government officials, 2000 immigrant children have been separated from their families during the last six weeks. Trump administration has started a massive crackdown on the illegal immigrants coming from Mexico to America. While parents are detained, their children are separated from them and rather sent to separate detention centers. This policy has brought upon president Trump extreme political criticism and public wrath across the country. Internet in general and social media in particular is abuzz with the pictures of these children who are in deplorable conditions.

American attorney general Mr. Jeff Sessions has defended this " policy of zero tolerance " with Biblical references. According to American Homeland security department, 1995 children have been separated from their families since 19th April to 31st May 2018.Nothing is known about the ages of these children neither have officials given any information about the ages of these children. These children have been handed over to America's health and human services department. These children will either be kept in government detention centers or will be sent to Foster families. United nations organization has asked America to end the inhuman and brutal act of separating children from their families.

Attorney general Mr.Jeff Sessions has stated that no illegal immigrant can evade the arrest or punishment by producing the excuse of children. Trump and company is enjoying the support of some Republicans though many political elements have expressed their resentment for the same.

Talking to reporters, the house speaker Mr. Paul Ryan has termed the approach of Trump administration unfair and unjust. During the last week, Republicans, in the lower house of America's parliament, have drafted a new immigration bill which will put an end to the previous practice of separating the children of immigrant families from their parents. As per the new law, families of illegal immigrants will not be separated or sent to different detention centers. Abolition of immigration lottery system and an additional sum of 25 billion US dollars for the protection of borders, are two important provisions of this new proposed bill. This proposed bill is a compromise between the conservatives and the moderates. Voting on the same bill will take place in the coming week.

America's first lady, Miss Melania Trump has expressed her concerns over the separation of children from their parents belonging to immigrant families. She stated that she disliked and hated to see children being separated from their parents. Former first lady of America, Miss Lara Bush has also condemned the policy of separating the immigrant families. In her "Daily Washington Post "column, she wrote, " separating children from their parents is cruel and barbaric. It is immoral and disheartening to see the children in virtual chains." Miss Lara's statement has added salt to President Trump's injuries as his ' policy of zero tolerance ' on illegal immigrant is in the line of fire. During the last six weeks, almost 2000 immigrant families have been separated from their children. The adults who cross the Us-Mexico border, to take refuge here, face the official wrath.

A legal suit was filed against Trump administration by 17 states of US for dividing immigrant families which according to them is inhuman and brutal. Very recently, an officer of border security in America, had assured media men that the litigations against these immigrants will be scraped. Attorney generals of Washington, New York and California have initiated a legal aid provision for the purpose. Thus, the policy to deny refuge to Mexican immigrants can be challenged and opposed in the court of law.

Meanwhile, vice American president Mr. Mike Pence has threatened the illegal immigrants of dire consequences. During a news conference in Brazil Mr. Pence said, "Those who wish to visit America, should visit legally or change their mind"

On the other hand, thousands of people dressed in white, and registered their peaceful protest for peace, equality and in solidarity with Mexican immigrants. These protests are assuming the position of a movement. The founders and important leaders of this movement have reiterated to take it to its logical conclusion. According to these protesters, it is the first ever instance where American democracy has fallen prey to acute political crisis. It is pertinent to mention here that it was not the first ever protest against government rather many such protests have been registered during the past many weeks.

According to a column, published in a leading journal of America ; the prevalent political system in America is undemocratic. People choose the government of their taste but the government works against the wishes and aspirations of its people. The political system works on the principles of monopoly which is absolutely undemocratic. Aspiration of the people are never taken into consideration. Public opinion is missing in the administrative decisions.

American commoner has been virtually decimated and limited to electioneering process alone.A layman has no role in this so-called democratic structure which has become a bunch of elected autocrats who work to satisfy their egoes Only. Critical Revelations and reports about American democratic set-up are hardly made public.Bigwigs from the corporate and business world have been using the government as a platform to grind their own axes, and no consideration is given to public welfare and demands.

In nutshell, American government is not a democratic one rather a group of mighty people who always strive hard to promote self interests at the cost of collective interests. Their decisions hardly take common interest into consideration.

A report co-authored by renowned professor Benjamin Page and Martin Gilens has stated that the decision making process of American politics is dominated by economic elites. In their report, "Testing tools of American politics" the duo has categorically said that commoners have no role in American political system except that of voting. Economic elites run the government through some elected monarchs who never bother about common masses. Like many analysts and researchers, Benjamin and Martin have written that America was believed to be a real democracy but after studying 1779 policy issues, it is not difficult to predict that American government is patronizing the interests and of some elites Only. Those who are at the helm of affairs, hardly take public welfare into consideration. Benjamin and Martin opined that American democracy is not a democracy rather hegemony of some bigwigs who prioritize their personal motives over public welfare and issues.

Some dishonest heavyweights have been holding the control of the country and media is under their feet. They have monopolized the important offices and departments. Freedom of individual is missing in the second so-called largest democracy of the world.

The writer teaches at Middle school Poshwari, Zone Hajin and can be reached at mushtaqhurra143@gmail.com

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