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Mushtaq Hurra

Allah negated the apprehensions and the objections of angels about the creation of Adam (AS) that it will lead to mischief, tribulation and bloodshed. He attributed all the doubts and apprehensions to their unknowingness. Allah made Adam’s knowledge as the basis of his caliphate and power. He taught the Adam to rule his kingdom and commissioned him as his deputy.”And we taught the Adam the names of all things “(Al-Wuran ).This verse advocates knowledge as the basic pre-requisite for caliphate.

The Quran not only confirms knowledge as the basis of Adam’s caliphate but proclaims the fact that it was knowledge and proficiency which made prophet Joseph the king of Egypt. Knowledge has been placed very very high in Islam rather the first revelation on prophet Mohammad SAW stressed upon the pursuit of knowledge. Holy prophet SAW has attributed the culmination of knowledge to one of the signs of Doomsday. The emphasis upon knowledge reiterates the fact that knowledge plays in important role in the rise and fall of a nation. Knowledge is light and it surely brooms away the darkness.

Knowledge guides our actions and helps us to set true priorities for ourselves. If the knowledge is not true then the priorities are sure to be wrong.

In the context of the above Quranic verse, an individual or a group who claim to possess the ability to take the reigns of the world, should have enough knowledge. And not only that imaginary knowledge which left Plato and his followers bewildered but that knowledge which controls man’s animal instincts, and grooms his angelic faculties. Mere possession of knowledge can’t entitle an individual or a group to rule, unless and until it knows to channelize the abilities and capacities for the pleasure of Allah and the betterment of mankind.

The first person whom Allah chose for the greatest post was Adam who happened to be the first man as well as the first prophet. Thus, this unique amalgam of caliphate and prophet-hood started simultaneously.  Prophets were the embodiments of knowledge, and it was the endowment of knowledge which salvaged Adam from the rage of Allah. Among almost 1,24,000 prophets, Mohammad SAW was the last prophet who laid the foundation of a great Islamic kingdom. Though prophet-hood ceased here but Allah didn’t close the caliphate here.

Now, a billion dollar question remains unanswered.”Are we competent enough to carry forward the mission of caliphate”? Do we possess those abilities and capacities to lead? If yes, then why are the results contrary to our predecessors? If not, then where is the snag? How can we overcome this pitfall?

“And we taught the Adam the names of all things”(Al-Quran).

In the critical interpretation of the above Quranic verse, renowned scholar, Dr. Asrar (RA) says that all knowledge is treasured in human potentiality. Now, it will be transferred to individual and generations through pen.

If all the knowledge has been stored in human potentiality then why are the Western countries the only achievers and beneficiaries of knowledge? Why are Muslims lagging behind in the fields of knowledge and learning? Why are we at the lowest level of hierarchy? Why don’t we possess the potential to discover the hidden domains of the universe?

Something is surely wrong. This paucity need to be identified and rectified immediately. Muslims across the globe are lagging behind on three major fronts i.e, Production of knowledge, consumption of knowledge and transfer of knowledge.

When the Muslim world was at the zenith of knowledge and research, Europe was under the blanket of ignorance during dark ages, then. But, when,  European nations began to break the yokes of hibernation,  ironically, Muslim forgot the legacy of knowledge and research, rather went into the hibernation and till now they are not able to open their eyes. Orthodox caliphate ( of four caliphs) and Abbasid periods were  the golden era of Muslim rule. But, now, it is history. We have been casted to dust. Muslims are trampled like insects.

We have become the slaves of sex and stomach. We have forgotten rather lost that inquisitive attitude. Production of knowledge was the prime objective of our ancestors and fore-fathers. But, we derive pleasure in playing cards and video games.

Now, we have not only lost the faculties to produce knowledge but,  even, we are not able to consume it or to transfer it.

During the last many decades, we could just found Deoband veracity and a few institutions while as Non-Muslims worked hard to establish unprecedented and unlimited institutions of knowledge, research and higher learning. It may sound very strange but it is a fact that till 1950, Egypt was the only Muslim country with five universities. Sudan with two and Algeria, Marakash, Lebnon, Syria with a solitary university were portraying a dismal picture of our inquisitive nature. There we’re a total of 12 universities in the whole Arab region.Things haven’t changed to appreciable and desired levels.In1973 and 2000, the number rose to 64 and 200 respectively.

On the contrary, Israel, which came into the existence after the 2nd world war, had 55 centres of higher education and research including 8 Universities in the year 2000.The number rose to 66 in the year 2013.USA alone has some 5000 institutions of higher learning and research. According to 2017 world university rankings, there is no Muslim university among the list of top hundred Universities of the world.

Dominance can not be achieved by huge populace rather by knowledge and research alone.Western nations spend hefty amounts on higher education,  learning and research which gives birth to such theories which are not only anti-Muslim rather anti-Human as well.If we wish to free the world in general and the Muslim world in particular, from this hegemony, then we must pay special attention towards higher education and research.

The writer teaches at Middle school Poshwari, Zone Hajin.

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