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Meet Kupwara’s favorite cricket commentator

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By: Lone Sajad

Kupwara, July 27: Some people are truly blessed with the gifts of gab, who talk with such confidence that they can draw the attention of anyone around them.  Tanver Dar, 18, is one such gifted gabber who has landed himself in cricket commentary.

Tanver, who hails from a border district of North Kashmir’s Kupwara, is making his presence at every local cricket event to tone the spectators.

Tanver has completed his intermediate and is now pursing his bachelor’s degree in social science. Since his childhood, Dar has been super passionate about the game of cricket, although he has never played cricket, and also developed a strong penchant for cricket commentary. Due to non-availability of a television set at his own home, Tanveer would go to his neighbor’s house to watch cricket matches.

Dar’s friends’ while revealing his love and desire for cricket commentary say, “whenever there would be any international cricket competition, instead of books, he used to carry a radio set inside his school bag. He would hold his school bag close to his ears to listen to the commentary even during class time.”

His friends say that every time he was caught carrying a radio in his bag, he was expelled from the class by his teachers.

Tanveer has got flare for cricket commentary and the tone of his voice can be heard at most of the cricket events taking place in North Kashmir. Dar has impressed everyone with his commentating skills. He constantly updates his knowledge about the cricket. He is increasing the charm of cricket competitions in his area with his unique commentary skills.

Being a non-native speaker of English doesn’t stop Tanveer from commentating. He can present cricket commentary in multiple languages including Hindi and English.

Talking to ‘Kashmir Images’ Dar says, “I used to listen to the radio commentary of International matches; mostly the matches played between India and Pakistan, and Australia versus South Africa.”

“Besides this, famous cricket commentators Harsh Bhogly, Ravi Shastri, Rameez Raja and Sanjay Manjrekar have always been inspirational. I am very thankful to the locals here, friends, cricket organizers who always endorsed my presence at various sports events, and thereby providing me a wider publicity.”

Now the internet is helping Tanveer to expose his commentary skills. With the help of social media, he is reaching his audience easily. On every cricket event, Tanver Dar goes live on Facebook to tone his audience.

Dar recently received the best commentator award from MLA LANGATE and District Sports Council. He has also received District certificate in commentary from Jammu Kashmir Police.

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