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By: Mushtaq Hurra

America’s department of state has decided to initiate an organized campaign of political and diplomatic pressure on Iran. After the historic meet with the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, the American president Donald Trump said that the world is going to see the unprecedented sanctions to be imposed on Iran. The director planning of America’s department of state Mr. Brian Hook told media men that Iran is not a normal country as normal countries never promote terrorism and the production of deadly weapons. He went on to say that extraordinary sanctions need to be imposed on the extraordinary country. He termed the sanctions as the ” Snap back” tactic of soccer where a player pounces on the ball to snatch it, in order to give it back to his defense line.The director further stated that US is not interested to topple the Iranian regime rather wish to change its behavior and attitude.

According to Mr. Hook, this new strategy of sanctions will commence from the 4th of August.Light motor cars, motorcycles, gold and other goods of export will be targeted in the first attempt.Later, in the 2nd snap back attack in November 2018, Iran’s crude oil export will be reduced to zero.The sanctions are enough to paralyze Iran’s Melli bank which is considered to be the life line of Iran’s economy. Mr. Hook said that president Trump is in contact with all his allies to stop the purchase of Iranian crude oil.In this context, he will meet the heads of England, France and Germany very soon.

On the other hand, America’s finance department is persuading its Gulf allies , to break the oil ties with Tehran.Besides Middle east, Asia and Africa too , will be included in the campaign against Iran.American government believes that tough sanctions will force Tehran to abandon its nuclear program.

Iran’s nuclear and missile program is the ultimate eyesore for Trump and co.And he has been opposing Iran’s nuclear program through out his election campaigning as well.President Trump has attributed Iran’s nuclear program to a big threat for Israel.

According to President Trump, Iranians befooled president Obama, and signed a bogus treaty with him in 2015.Thus, managed to culminate the sanctions on Tehran.

This nuclear treaty of 2015 is known as  the ” Joint comprehensive plan of action”( JCPOA).The other signatories of the treaty were England, France, Russia, China, Germany and European Union.According to the treaty, IAEA was supposed to have quarterly inspections of Iran’s nuclear establishments.IAEA has so visited Iran’s nuclear establishments ten times and every time, it has hailed Iran for its sincere implementation of the traty(JCPOA).

Till May 2018, including the signatories including US were supporting the treaty but in the same month, president Trump in his broadcasting speech parted from the treaty terming it futile and outdated.Now, he is adamant to reimpose the same restrictions on Iran which were in place before the roll back of this treaty.President Trump is of the view that despotic rule has been imposed upon Iranian masses which according to him is the continuity of 1979 Islamic extremist revolution.Mr. Trump remarked further, ” The rule of religious priests in Iran is based on religious fanaticism and intolerance.Iran is backing terrorism in Yemen.Hizbullah, Hammas and Al-Qaeda are enjoying the patronage of Iran.Kill America – kill Israel, is the national slogan of Iran.Besides helping Bashar regime in Syria, it is promoting terrorism and Communalism in Iraq and Afghanistan”. President Trump alleged that Iran is funding proxy groups to destabilize the region, and thus , Tehran is emerging as a constant threat for regional and international security.

President Trump’s European allies expressed their displeasure over his confutation on IRAN-AMERICA nuclear treaty.These leaders are of the view that the treaty can stop the spread of nuclear proliferation in the region.Any attempt to damage this treaty, can jeopardize regional as well as international peace.

American president rejected the apprehensions of his allies and asked American Congress to pass a legislation to impose sanctions on Iran but American Congress paid no heed to it.

The former American foreign minister John kairy alleged that president Trump is creating crisis in international peace.

Upset with the American Congress, president Trump is all set to make use of his presidential powers to impose sanctions on Iran.

Very recently, in a letter to European Union, NATO and other close allies, president Trump request them to break all the oil ties with Iran.India is the biggest customer of Iranian crude oil.So, to persuade Indian prime minister Narendra Modi, America’s ambassador to  UN, Miss Namrita Randhawa alias Nikki Haley, visited new Delhi where besides meeting Indian PM, she held deliberations and parleys with senior Indian parlaimantarians of India.It is interesting to note that Miss Haley’s parents are from Indian administered Punjab.

According to American media, India has agreed to cancel all oil transactions with Iran, on the condition that US should not object to its sea ventures near Chahbahar seaport.

On the other hand , Turkey has rejected the American proposal and reiterated that such authoritative decisions can add to escalations in the region.Except USA and Israel, whole world is backing Iran.

Iran has retaliated to US sanctions with aggressive diplomatic campaigning.Iranian president Mr. Hassan Roohani talked to other signatories of JCPOA and asked them to compensate the losses incurred by US  backtracking from the Iran’s foreign minister Javaid Zareef invited his English, French, German, Chinese , Russian and European Union counterparts to Austrian capital Viana and held deliberations about expected US sanctions on Tehran.The meeting was presided over by Miss Federica Mogherini, the head of European Union’s foreign affairs department.IAEA spokesperson briefed  the delegates about its last inspection of Iran’s nuclear establishments that Iran has not breached the treaty.

Iranian foreign minister demanded special discount of taxes on the import its crude oil in these countries.He also demanded the expansion of foreign investment in Iran.Iranian president stated that such measures should be taken before November 4.He further stated that if these bigwigs fail to compensate the losses by American boycott then it will not stop to violate the treaty of JCPOA.

Though , all the nations ensured their help to Iran but ruled out any such package before November.French foreign minister Jean- Yves Le Drian said that some incentives will be granted before August 4, and other necessary favors will be granted accordingly.Mr. Drian requested his Iranian counterpart to have tolerance and patience.German foreign minister Heiko Maas stated that total compensation for American boycott is not in the hands of Europe but Iran will not be left alone.

European nation’s assurances are somewhat encouraging for Iran nevertheless world trade under the control of US dollar hegemony.Washington has threatened many multinational companies of dire consequences if they fail to wind up their trade affiliations with Iran.American company GE has cancelled its gas turbine bargain with Tehran while as its auxiliary group ‘ Baker Hughes ‘ has decided to close its trade transactions with Iran.

World’s largest oil and gas service provider ‘ SCHLUMBERGER ‘ has started to wind up its operations in iran.French oil company ‘ TOTAL ‘ has decided to stop its operations in South Persian gas fields.It is pertinent to mention here that the blazing resources of gas in the gulf of Persia are included among the biggest resources of gas in the world.Tehran had signed a deal with TOTAL to draw the gas from these big Wells.

To tackle the possible economic sanctions by America, Iran has intensified its diplomatic efforts to alienate America. Very recently, President Hassan Roohani said that if sanctions are imposed on our oil resources then strait of Hormuz is not safe free communication of merchandise ships.29 mile wide, strait of Hormuz connects the Persian gulf with Arabian sea through the gulf of Oman.

Everyday, one Crore seventy lakh barrels of gulf oil in gaint tankers is carried to different parts of the world and interestingly these tankers enter the sea through this important strait.President Roohani stated that if the doors of world markets are closed for Iranian oil then a single drop of oil can not pass through the strait of Hormuz.

The writer teaches at Middle school Poshwari.

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