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Poash Wahraat-2018 kicked off in Srinagar

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Will facilitate women artists and entrepreneurs

Srinagar, July 06:  A four day event, Poash Wahraat 2018, which is being organized by Poash organization under the aegis of Jammu and Kashmir Skill development mission commenced in Rajbagh, Srinagar on Friday.

The event, which will continue till July 8, is being held at Institute of Hotel management and is aimed to empower Kashmiri women by highlighting their professional work.

Poash is for such women who want to convert their passion into a livelihood. We have organised this event so that the women folk can showcase their professional talent on a bigger platform,” said Asma Wali, organiser of the Poash event adding that the women participants include entrepreneurs, artists, designers et al. who are exhibiting their work.

The event is set to organize creative programmes such as “Live Kashmiri Karigari” and “Kashmiri Market” that will highlight the Kashmiri art and culture.

“Tomorrow we are organizing a live Kashmiri Karigari programme in which many local artists will participate. The exhibition of extinct Kashmiri art will be also held during the live programme,” Asma added.

In the art section of the event, the budding artists and photographers have exhibited their work. A budding artist, Adleeb Mustaq sold five of her painting. “This is my first exhibition. People are visiting my stall and I am receiving many compliments for my artwork which is very encouraging,” Andleeb said.

Another young artist Qazi Tabish told ‘Kashmir Images’ that such events facilitate women artists and entrepreneurs, who are otherwise left out from other such events. “Kashmir has very less opportunities for the women folk. Such events really boost our confidence and encourage us to do more and more,” Tabish added.

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