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Prof Khuroo delivers lecture at Baramulla College

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Baramulla:  Noted Gastroenterologist, Prof M S Khuroo, on Wednesday delivered a lecture at Government Degree College Baramulla.

The lecture, titled ‘Should professionals do research’, was part of the college’s Teacher Enrichment Programme under University Grants Commission’s CPE initiative.

The famed-discoverer of Hepatitis E, Prof Khuroo said the professionals have “extreme zest” to explore the unknown.

“You shall raise questions and try to answer them,” he said to the gathering of students and faculty of the college.

“Research is possible anywhere. You do not need to go to a particular institution for doing research. All it takes is passion and will to work.”

He said the need is to have “acute vision, passion, attitude, excellence, innovation, leadership qualities, and support”.

“Research should not be a repetition for predatory publications in which we pay and get published. But research should advance the existing knowledge,” he said.

He opined that a teacher should never teach anything that he doesn’t practice himself.

“If you do not arrive on time, you cannot ask a student to be on time. You have to lead by an example,” he said.

The talk was followed with an interactive session wherein the students asked Prof Khuroo questions about research and his experiences.

Prof Khuroo shared his experience of Hepatitis E virus discovery, for which he has earned fame across the globe. His documentary on the subject was also screened.

He also discussed some of his recent findings on new gastric diseases Gastric Ascariasis and Trichuris Dysentery.

Principal of the college expressed his gratitude to Prof Khuroo for visiting the college.

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