5 Stunning Wedding Destinations for 2018

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More and more couples prefer not to arrange a celebration for hundreds of people and spend a wedding outside the country, in the circle of the closest people. Others organize a party for friends and parents and then go on a honeymoon – somewhere on the affectionate European coast or on tropical islands. The 5 best destinations from for a wedding trip in 2018 will suit a charming intimate celebration somewhere on the beach sand amid the azure waves.

  1. The Loire Valley, Paris

For sure, a honeymoon in Paris will be remembered for the rest of your life. However, we offer a more romantic option. Not so far from the hustle and bustle of the French capital, lies the charming region – the Loire Valley, famous for its hilly banks and ancient castles. This background is a great way to feel like a princess, traveling with her knight. It is best not to sit still, but to go by a rented car to idyllic rural spaces, try local wines, and take photos near palaces and chateaux.

  1. Amalfi Coast, Salerno

One of the most magical places in Italy is the Amalfi coast with its atmospheric fishing villages and dramatic sea views. Why not choose Amalfi – a gourmet region with excellent wines and dishes? Friendly people and stunning landscapes will be good for a wedding album for an excellent honeymoon. There are many cozy boutique hotels in the area, where newlyweds can enjoy each other’s company.

  1. Nantucket Island, Massachusetts

In the top of the best destinations for marriage and honeymoon 2018, there is Nantucket Island in Massachusetts, located near Cape Cod. At this point, there are beautiful sunsets and there are also old lighthouses and houses. However, don’t think that you will have to stop at a fishing shack (although this has its own romance). Nantucket was chosen by wealthy people that rested there from the bustle of the outside world. The island is proud of innovative guest houses, for example, Squam Residence. Inside everything is stylish, elegant, comfortable and super-modern, and a panorama of the obstinate waves of the Atlantic opens from the huge windows.

  1. Ubud, Bali

Surrounded by rice fields and tropics, ancient temples and mountains, Ubud is the pearl of the Indonesian island of Bali. Not only is nature terrific but sanctuaries can be admired forever. So, Ubud is the recognized center of spa-procedures (reflexology, aromatherapy, and acupressure). Newlyweds appreciated the Ubud Viceroy Bali – five-star hotels that are isolated from the outside world, equipped with Jacuzzi and swimming pools.

  1. The Bahamas

There is quite a different atmosphere on the glamorous Bahamas, studded with celebrities, luxury restaurants, and yachts. Couples have fun at parties, frolic in the open ocean with dolphins, cruise around the islands, and go diving. However, if you want to unite with nature, find the hotel away from the coast and engage in ecotourism. And still, include the kingdom of perfume in Freeport and the Statue of Queen Victoria in front of Parliament House in the list of things that must necessarily be done in the Bahamas.

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