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By: Azad Hussain

Since the state of Jammu and Kashmir is famous for more than one reason, efforts are needed to safeguard those that give it a special place in the world while those reason that tarnish its image must be eradicated.

When one analyzes the pace of development and progress outside of the state and the competitive ambience that has emerged as a necessary yardstick for masses to gauge success and failures, one feels-where are we?

Of course all development isn’t good and many things that are seen as parameters of development aren’t that bring but desisting from only such and such things and moving on to achieve the positive and brighter sides of development must be the aim of a state that lags behind so very badly.

For instance, there are developments that have caused environmental concerns across the globe and are challenging the very existence of this planet- here, we need to desist. But when it comes to committing oneself to the positive progress, one mustn’t hesitate.

But our state is placed at an extremely unfortunate position. If we look at the ‘execution of duties’ radar and taking up our own responsibilities, one is ashamed that nearly all structures and all sub-structures are infested with some strange inertia and deep corruption that is visible now and shall be badly impacting us in near future. But not giving my hundred percent when teaching a batch of students, by not drawing a better design when executing a construction plan, by not keeping myself updated with the ever changing dynamics of medicinal world and treating patients in the primordial manner- we are all causing severe developmental deficit and it has a long way to go in hurting us and our interests.

Despite the high claims made by every government, every now and then, regarding the achievements made  in the fields of departmental works,  the people at ground level  are still facing shortage  of basic amenities including good schooling, proper road connectivity, safe drinking water facilities, uninterrupted electricity etc. All these basic facilities are almost disfunctional in all remote areas in the state. In addition to that, the authorities are  yet to come up with a solid job policy for thousands of those  daily wagers who are working since decades in different departments in our state as adhocs and contractual.

The irony is that some permanent employees ( Rehbar–e-Taleem Teachers) are being refused to be brought under 7th pay commission benefits. It is altogether a fault in the work culture of the responsible officers at the helm of affairs and due to their carelessness thousands of the people are made to suffer.

The state is embedded in corruption to such an extent that deserving people are kept deprived from the facilities meant for them while those proverbial ‘blued eyed’ are chosen to positions of great responsibilities and respect- no matter if they have it or not. Until such practices continue, one can not even imagine what development actually means.

So, the need of hour is to rectify this sick and diseased system to save our future generations from its clutches and it can only be accomplished when everyone takes his/her role and responsibility seriously. It is definitely not a short term struggle but can be possible slowly and steadily with dedication and determination.

The writer is a teacher (

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