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BJP wants to use Kashmir as part of its election strategy for LS polls: Tarigami

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Amit Shah’s speech in Jammu shows desperation of saffron party

Srinagar, June 25: Stating that BJP wants to use Kashmir as part of its election strategy for the next Lok Sabha elections, CPI (M) leader and MLA Kulgam Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami today said BJP chief Amit Shah’s speech in Jammu other day shows desperation of the saffron party.

“Till yesterday the BJP leadership would praise its alliance partner PDP in Jammu and Kashmir. What happened all of a sudden that they (BJP) are now repeating the same allegations which they used against the PDP during the 2014 election campaign? In 2014, the rhetoric of ignoring Jammu and Ladakh regions is now being repeated after four years,” Tarigami said in a statement issued here.

He said that one may ask the BJP that if, according to them, Jammu and Ladakh were being neglected in development in the last more than years of its alliance with the PDP, why didn’t they raise the issue then.

“All the MPs, most of the MLAs and ministers from Jammu and Ladakh were from the BJP. Why didn’t they settle the issue of so-called injustice with Jammu and Ladakh then? Why the BJP is raising hue-n-cry now?” Tarigami questioned.

He said that Shah’s speech in Jammu gives an impression as if the previous government did everything for Kashmir.

“Reality is before everybody what the previous government, of which BJP was part, did in Kashmir. People were killed, injured, jailed, blinded and maimed. The credibility of the institutions was eroded, corruption, nepotism and mis-governance was at its peak. The sufferings of Kashmiris were compounded in the last three years,” added Tarigami.


He said PDP and the BJP failed to deliver on their poll promises miserably and now the BJP is trying to project itself as the messiah of the people of Jammu and Ladakh and accusing the PDP of doing everything for Kashmir which they never did.

“It is a political gimmick which people of the state fully understand. Both the PDP and the BJP need to answer before the people of the state and the country for their failures on all fronts,” he said.

A major reason for the BJP’s latest posture is that it has nothing to offer to the people of the country whom they had promised development and ‘ache din’ in 2014 elections. During its more than four years BJP rule at the Center, the BJP has miserably failed, he said.

He also asked the BJP to clear its stand on its senior leader and MLA Choudhar Lal Singh’s threat to the Kashmiri journalists. “After the brutal killing of Shujaat Bukhari, the journalists in Kashmir are in shock and mourning and a BJP leader is threatening them to ‘draw a line or meet Shujaat’s fate.’ BJP needs to answer whose interests Lal Singh is serving,” added he.

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