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By: Dr .Ateequllah 

I begin with a famous quotation by Albert Einstein, “Nothing happens until something moves.” In that physics as phenomena among the rest, dealing with nature, matter, energy and their respective properties, its scope, as widen, exhumes the core essence of knowing the metaphysics. This is what I heard of from an outstanding and distinguished professor of physics department at Kashmir university namely Dr Naseer Iqbal, presently a Chief Proctor, residing at Bandipora–a place widely famous for ILM-ADAB-AAB. Not only this, the same place has given birth to many many great and eminent personalities like Gh Rasool Nazaki, Prof Muhiuddin Hajni, Prof Rashid Nazaki, Prof Manzoor Fazili etc.

Dr Naseer Iqbal falls in the same caliber with a vision and discretion. I, as a student of philosophy from background, wanted to know some questions and quarries in physics with co-importance and significance in the circles of philosophy. Questions like, if light in philosophy has many many connotations like clarity, truth, the concept of God and the charisma of the universe, how they can be easily accessible to mind in the colour of physics. Such issues put me on tanter-hooks to know them in the light of physics based module. It was only then I met Dr Nasser Iqbal at his Department, some five years back. Thanks to God, since then I have been in his company very often and feel blessed even revealed with extra-ordinary clues to untie the knots of interrogations and come-up with conclusions. Hence, as a fortunate being, he has influenced me tremendously and that is so a big deal in my life I can ever remind and remember.

As a scientist in physics, he has wide range of exposure and knowledge, reputed in India and abroad. His research papers have brought him un-forgettable and indomitable fame and familiarity. For being a celebrated one, it is because of his research papers, encapsulated with universal appeal and demand as closely chained with ethereal and comprehensive topics like Physics in Cosmology, Gravitation and Cosmology, an Atom and Cosmos. “Entropy and phase diagram” is one of the research projects sanctioned by him in Kuwait in April 2015.

I like and love him as my guide and mentor on the grounds that Prof. Naseer Iqbal has a different and unique outlook of understanding universe. He assumes that everything is on go and the life in true sense, so-long on go, has a purpose to divulge itself akin to things beyond. As a source of inspiration for me, I am highly indebted to his helping hand. When, one day, in his chamber along with my brother, I uttered something moonshine-like, he instantly said, “Cut your coat according to your cloth.” Since then, the same quote has been a word of gospel that utterly changed my mind and mentality. I, when ponder over it, organize another philosophy of Self Contentment–a bedrock for living life of society and Eco-Cosmic. It often so happened that this prudential proverb even bridled my egoistic-compulsions and helped me to a great extent in becoming a man acknowledged in me.

Dr Naseer Iqbal’s gregariousness is un-parallel, dealing sufficiently as a master with social ethos to promulgate it in life actual. Accordingly he is seen with full conviviality in crowds and throngs. As such, whenever, as I have found, one wants to meet or see him, the highness of him is available offline as well as online and gives full concern to the vows and bereavements. This is what his social service is. Being jolly and joyous under different circumstances is a hall-mark of his polished personality.

I have the favour of appointments with many scholars under his authority with super-cleansed mind about him. If style makes a man, then Undoubtly action must let it acknowledge. This comes true to Dr Naseer Iqbal, a young, energetic and one of the stalwarts. He has a bright vision of many accomplishments, cosmically universal and of value. I wish him a long life.

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