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Veteran freedom fighter Jagar Nath Watal of Akingam is no more

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Srinagar: Born in 2nd Poh Shukla Pak Bikrami 1981 corresponding to the year 1924 belonging to the village Akingam of Anantnag Kashmir Valley. He associated himself with peasants and agricultural farmers espoused their cause and worked for their emancipation from feudalistic exploitation in south Kashmir area of valley, emerged as their leader, political and a freedom fighter who had close association with Bakshi Ghulam Mohmad, GM Sadiq, Syed Mir Qasim and DP Dhar.

He was also a founder member of the Democratic National Conference, learned Scholar in Hindu Philosophy and Sanskrit literature though away from active politics for lat 30 years.  He was a great social activist, learned in Vedas, inspired by great Buddhist and Sanskrit scholars Badatanand Kausalyan and great scholar, linguist and traveller author of many books, Rahul Sankrityan with whom he was also associated.

He always strived hard for democratic values of socialism, individual liberty and secularism. He was also influenced by progressive ideology and believed in Kashmiryat symbol of unity amongst various communities, regions and social groups on the basis of system derived from values promoted by Lalded, Shah Hamdan, Sheikh Noor Din Noorani and Sufism as a manifestation of thought of universal mutual brotherhood preached by Gandhi, Tolstoy.

A democrat, social reformer and advocate of global peace, he wished cooperation among nations to resolve all the conflicts by mutual deliberations and through peaceful means and was of the view that any conflict in the region should be regarded as a threat to the peace security and progress of human development.

He is survived by his wife, two sons and two daughters. All his close relatives and friends thronged to the residence of departed soul on hearing the news about his death.

Funeral and mourning shall be observed in accordance with strict Vedic rites as per Arya Samaj as per will of the departed soul.

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