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Water Polity and Kashmir: A review

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The author is well known when it comes to Kashmir  discourse as he has written several  books on  Kashmir in the past and has always appeared to be a fervent  supporter of  dialogue-cum-negotiations focusing on structural nuances of the conflict and end  to violence in  Jammu and  Kashmir.  The latest book is yet another marvelously drawn thought provoking account of events and eventualities and how the cacophony has cast a huge shadow on the possibility of light at the end of the dark tunnel.

The book ‘Water Polity and Kashmir’ touches new contours of  Kashmir conflict with an  emphasis  on  Waters with a capital ‘W’ besides its  need  and  the   importance  in  the  politics  of  Jammu Kashmir on either side of the LoC.  How  it  shapes  the  Indo  -Pak  relations, the book offers  the  relevant  argument  that  why  should  not  the  people  of  Jammu  and  Kashmir put forth  the  demand  for  a  participatory  role  in  the water- sharing  agreements  between  India  and  Pakistan to the rivers that flow or originate from erstwhile princely State of Kashmir.

It is a thesis about the benefits like employment generation, surplus profit etc and such socio-politics and economic tangents should go to the people. Tragically,  the  benefits  are  all for the government of  India  and  rest  of  the  Indian  mainland which invested  the money  on  the  huge  Hydro -electric  projects. The same projects could have been initiated and investment sought internationally from bidders and thus remained beneficial for the people of Jammu and Kashmir and same is the case with people of Azad Kashmir, besides Gilghit and Baltistan in Pakistan.

The author professes the  plausible  solution  to  the  water  crisis  and  the  problem  between  India  and  Pakistan. The rhetoric  of  dispute  and  political  antagonism  between  India and  Pakistan  on  Jammu and Kashmir  is clearly mentioned in the book along with the sharing  of the  water  resources.

One finds a clear minded person who debates the  political  row  between  India  and  Pakistan on  Jammu and  Kashmir  and  confabs  about  it  in detail. The book opens up  the  new  facets  of  the  concern.  The  deterrence  and  the  invariable  dread  of  nuclear proliferation, besides the chances of  nuclear  mushroom  cloud  over  the  whole  of  subcontinent in the situation of war  and  prevention  of such    catastrophe  is in effect correlated  with  the  pledged   to  resolution  of   Kashmir the  author  orates  out  in  the  book.

The  discourse  is  shaped  with  this  maxim  in  the  assessment given  by  the  writer and  makes  the  tangible swot up of  the  leadership  in  Jammu and  Kashmir , India  and  Pakistan, who  seek  to  offer  solution  to  Jammu and  Kashmir  according  to  their  own  political  predilection. Hence, offers  own  way out , which might bring  the  two  warring  factions— India  and  Pakistan to the   mutual accordance  and  facilitate  reinstatement  of  peace in  Jammu and  Kashmir.

The  book gospels the  up-and-coming generation  of  leadership  to  simultaneously  work  on  the axiom  to  take  proactive, retroactive and prospective   stand  on  Jammu and  Kashmir  with  ‘Kashmir  Centric’  approaches  and  come  within  the  reach of  ‘Kashmir  First  Policy’.

It also illustrates  from  the  archival  material and  draws  profoundly from  it  the  required essence  to  authenticate  his  views  and  supports them  with  statistical  analysis  of  the  data and  dregs  out the  attestations. The  most  important  part  of  the  book  is  the  blending of mathematical  approach principally  the  game- theory to  elucidate  the that  how  to unravel  the  conflict  between  India  and  Pakistan  in  general  and  how  to  restore  peace  in  Kashmir  with  honour  and  dignity vis-à-vis  waters

The  book  is  a  read  for  policymakers, planners, agriculturists, diplomats, academia and students in general and those with  specialisation  in  water management and related  issue in particular , which shall  add  to the new  body  of  study  in  the  field  of  Kashmir  dispute.

Title: Water Polity and Kashmir

Author:  Rao farman Ali

Publisher: Gulshan Books Srinagar

Year of publication: 2018

ISBN No: 978-81-8339-576-2

Promoter: Institute of Public Policy Research and Development


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