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KCSDS hails UNHCR’s report on the human rights situation in Kashmir 

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Srinagar, Jun 14: UNHCR’s report on the human rights situation in Kashmir is a straightforward recommendation for right to self determination, more like rain to a parched land, said a press release issued here by KCSDS.

Stating that the statement was a welcome step especially when a quarter which had maintained ‘studied silence’ over the political dispute,  the  military rule and the genocidal project of the Indian state  in response to the demand for exercising the right to self determination by Kashmiris for over thirty years of active struggle, the press release further added that “Today’s report comes after decades of  its active engagement with Kashmir from 1948 to 1956 when it passed a slew of resolutions on how to resolve the dispute.”

Notwithstanding the negative views about the power of UN to change anything here on the ground, KCSDS said that the report was first of its kind since 50’s. “For the past thirty years since Kashmir has been burning, UN has never passed such candid scathing indictment on India for violating Kashmiris’ rights and denying them their right to self determination. This report has triggered a new moment which would cause global churning and compel countries to revisit their myopic Indian doctored stance on Kashmir,” the press release further said adding that the report will help in “demystifying Indian facade of democracy in Kashmir and expose its real military rule on the ground. Such report matters in international reckoning and would help create an atmosphere which would greatly embarrass the trigger happy state”.

“If Indian govt has still some remnants of moral sense, it would introspect and change its fascist course  and let Kashmiris be on their own away from forcible military control. In case it rejects it that will also expose her internationally,” the press release concluded.

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