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VOX POPULI: Separating schooling from politics

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 Due to the indulgence of Kashmiri students into the protest demonstrations, the educational activities in Kashmir have almost came to a standstill. In order to do a reality check as what people really feel about the frequent closure of educational institutions, Saleem Iqbal Qadri of Kashmir Images sought reactions from students, teachers, parents et al.

Illustration By:S.Tariq

Mubashir Nabi

( Student) 

Students are facing worst crises nowadays because after every protest demonstration of students, the government orders the closing down of educational institutions. Since March, this year, I have attended only two classes.  I fail to understand why government is not doing something to solve this educational crisis in Kashmir.

 Shariq Hassan

( Student)                                          

The continuous suspension of class work in educational institutions is taking a heavy toll on the education sector in Kashmir. Without politicizing the matter, everyone of us should come forward and make all efforts to ensure regular class work in educational institutions.

 Khalid Hussain

( Student) 

 Since 2016, we are witnessing student protests in Kashmir, and currently the protests are being held to demand justice for the Khatua rape victim. Students have been protesting peacefully but the forces are using ‘force’ to suppress the student protests. I request all the politicians to stop involving the students in the protests.

  Irfan Nabi Khan

( Mentl Health Professional)  

   The children are in distress for not being able to join their classes regularly. We as a society can do a lot to get the educational system back on track in Kashmir.


 Deeba Ashraf

 ( Law Student)

We all are responsible for shutdown of educational institutions in Kashmir and if the same continues, the present generation might remain illiterate. Few days back, I visited many colleges across the Kashmir valley to inquire about the ongoing classes. Most of lecturers/professors were unmoved when I told them that are we ruining the career of the students. No one wants to resolve this issue and parents also prefer to remain silent because they do not want to invite political criticism.

Saima Maqbool


 The frequent strikes have a very bad impact on the educational activities in Kashmir, after every shutdown it takes the students a lot of time to get back on track. When they are compelled to stay at home for several days, the students get minimum working days to complete their syllabus.

Nowadays, the students in uniform, girls as well, are seen pelting stones that results in suspension of class work for many days and the cycle continues. The students should be counseled by their parents, religious leaders., so that they may learn the peaceful means of protestation. Our society should urge the separatists to find a non-self destructive method of protest. Students should prefer to use alternative means of expressing the dissent such as writing, poetry, theatre etc.

  Eng. Idrees ul haq

  (Social Activist)

 Educational institutions are assets of modern societies and education is one of the building blocks of human development. It is not just a basic right, but a foundation for progress in the development of institutions and democracy. Conflict undermines this foundation and also contributes to the conditions that perpetuate violence.

The seriousness of the political community towards education can be comprehended by the fact  that no political party till date has made education as a discernible agenda in the manifesto for elections in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Government’s educational closure diktats, curfews, strikes etc. have become an order of the day. At an average, two to three days in a week, the educational institutions remain closed and thus a discontinuity in the education process also creeps in.  Over the last 27 years, Kashmiris have become inured to political turmoil, security mayhem and human rights abuses. However, closed schools, and home-bound children, bring the realities of the conflict home, quite literally.

An agreement should be arrived at that the learning institutions shall be kept away from any political divergence, and all the stakeholders need to lend vigorous efforts for the smooth running of the educational structure so that education does not suffer because of current political Turmoil.


Jawahar Ali War

( Teacher ) 

 The educational system in Kashmir is presently at back-foot because of the Government apathy. Being a teacher, I get disheartened whenever the government orders closure of educational institutions  – fearing law and order problem. My simple question to the government is that who is creating law and order problem here in state? If the students are protesting peacefully over some issue, why are the forces acting as spoilers by using force on the students?

Mushtaq Rasool Dar

( Teacher)

I will hold the state Government responsible for the educational crisis in Kashmir as they have been indifferent towards the problems of students in Kashmir. The children of these politicians are studying outside the valley peacefully. There are many students here in Kashmir who want to study but the present situation in Kashmir is totally against their genuine aspirations. Instead of beating and tear gassing them, the authorities in Kashmir are duty bound to ask the protesting students what they want.

Ayaz Ahmad Bhat


With schools and colleges frequently being closed, education has become the causality of the unending turmoil in Kashmir. The future of our young generation seems bleak. The working days in schools and colleges have fallen considerably. The looming potential uncertainty, the senseless violence taking place on almost daily basis has disrupted the education sector in Kashmir.

Let we all stand together and make sure that education should be spared for the sake of our young generation.



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