Who is Sachin Tendulkar: McLellan

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Australian journalist Dennis Freedman got American Comedian Jeremy McLellan on his show to discuss what he says Pakistan, cricket, spy pigeons and make jokes.

Jeremy McLellan is a stand up comedian and Freedman is a funny guy who has already won our hearts by incessantly trolling Indian cricket fans though he wouldn’t admit he means to troll them.

But we know he always means it.

Pakistanis do not need to listen to an hour-long conversation between the two foreigners.

All that they want to know is that the American fella doesn’t know who Sachin Tendular is. Yes, that is exctly what he told Dennis!

“I have no idea who is that,” said McLellan when asked about the former Indian captain.

“You have just triggered about 1.6 billion Indians,” Dennis warned  him after explaining that Sachin Tendular is the finest cricketer or so they think.

“Well if i haven’t heard  of him,how good can he be,” said Jeremy.

Now we have to wait and  see whether Mr J has invited the same amount of criticism as  Russian Tennis star Maria Sharapova did, triggering a storm in India few years ago while confessing she has no idea who Sachin Tendular is.

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